Noble Drew Ali



Noble Drew Ali, born Timothy Drew in North Carolina in 1886, rose by Cherokee Indians and adopted into that tribe. At sixteen Drew began his wandering a circus magician, which took him to Egypt where he received self knowledge and direction from a priest, the last of a cult of High Magic practiced for centuries in the pyramid of Cheops. The Magus recognized the young American as a reincarnation of a former leader of the cult, and saw him for the prophet he was.

From him Drew Ali learned the messages of the Circle Seven Koran, as well as much higher truths; he returned to America where he was told in a dream to found a new religion “for the upliftment of fallen mankind.” He began the first temple, in Newark— but because he and his followers refused to fight in the World War 1 he was forced to move to Chicago, where his movement, the Moorish Science Temple, began to grow.

In Chicago Noble Drew issued many Moorish Passports, and it is said that some new converts, in the zeal of their new found nationality, began to grow less and less subservient in their dealings with the oppressor empire. This culminated in a full scale attack on the Science Temple in which many of the faithful were martyred, including the Enforcer of the Law, a man whom Noble Drew Ali had recognized as a reincarnation of Jesus.

Shortly thereafter (in 1929) Noble Drew prophesied the hour of his death. He was “taken for questioning” by the Chicago Police a brutally beaten, and died soon after his release. Some say he died due to Tuberculosis but that is hard to believe when he had Moorish Tea and healing oil that solved all illnesses at that time -(words of the Premier).

After this, the Moorish Science Temple began to split into sects or factions, one headed by Noble Drew’s chauffeur, another by Elijah Muhammad, who his Moorish Science origins taught a pseudo-science of race hatred disguised as the “Nation of Islam.”

In the 1950’s in the Baltimore/DC area, some white poets and jazz musicians came into contact with Moorish Science, the Moorish Orthodox Church of America. The Premier can give you a three page history of the transition, however, the Moorish Science Temple of America will be best and telling this story.


“Moors, look your best”

Moors should always be clean, neatly dressed and well groomed. A Moorish Fez should be spotless and formed. Your character and image is all you have. If we desire to lead our youth to success as leaders and rulers like our ancient forefathers it behooves that we act in order to be. In addition, Moor’s speech should be of high caliber because as we unfold the God within us unfolds. We should not gossip or slander against another Moor. This is taught by the prophet Noble Drew Ali and in the Moorish College first three lessons. Chapter 3 and five in the Circle 7 should always be renewed in order to maintain the mastership of our two selves.

“Moors, You Are Rich”

Moors are not poor! They understand that it takes finance to uplift a nation but first they must be financial. Look at the history of our Moorish forefathers, we always had the best, lived the best and kept circles of friends of high caliber. Moors should always dress their best; achieve the best beyond basic comprehension. The prophet said that we need economic security. Well as a nation of Moors should strive to be rich in a general sense. That means rich in hard assets, cash-(minus debt) rich with great health, rich being the pure in heart. Rich with family values.

‘I will allow the Government to exist long enough for the Moors to learn government’

The word is out that this said defacto Government is by way of the Moors and that the prophet received a Mandate for the jurisdiction thereof. C.M. Said that the 13 colonies are the original 13 states. My Brother, Messiah Bey and I have this proof. Therefore, as the prophet mentioned the Moors should be learning Government because we as Moors and the Mystic Turks as mentioned by C.M.Bey will share in Power. Like C.M. Bey said being a kappa, to Omega etc or having a BA, MA etc will not mean much without the Moorish science history and culture.

Many Moors are successful and many are not. The ones that are not are because they have joined the Nation for self, criminal minded reasons and not willing to sacrifice what there lower self demonstrates. The faithful Moors need to continue to eliminate any involvement so that as we gradually take our place in this Government those dirty Moors will not be a burden to G.O.D. (G.O.D. as defined by C.M. Bey). Good Government, Ordinance and the Department of Justice.

“Moors are to be among the affairs of men”

Moors have excelled in their profession and need to continue. Moors are on different levels of Government and in the private sectors; Doctors, lawyers, Judges, Business owners, finance, international relations, governmental officials, Immigration, NYPD- in top positions, investigators, Union Delegates, Ivy league programs, fraternities etc. Many have decided to be unknown for certain reasons recorded in Moorish History and some ARE on the surface. The Moorish Americans are taught to be rulers/leaders in their affairs. This is a life mission for all faithful Moors.

‘The Government is behind me and I must get behind you’

This Government and its officials are in favor of the faithful Moorish Americans. At the same time they are not going to allow us to do anything that the prophet did not sign up for. They must protect their interest. The Prophet also said that the Government is going to enforce his law. NO ONE can escape what the Prophet set up. If you follow the Prophet program in sincerely and love you will find your hardships to become your blessings over night. Some ‘blacks; don’t like this. They however must remember that this is not for blacks, colors, Africans or in the south as they are stilled called Negro, but it is for those that have reclaimed their free national status that were once labeled the above stigmas. We desire that many shall reclaim their descent as years pass.

‘I am glad to know that I have a few faithful Moors among you all’.

Let it be clear to the Moorish Community that there are only a few faithful Moors out there. There are also a lot of dirty Moors. The prophets said don’t call them Niger’s but call them dirty moors. This is because they only come to the Moorish community to get out of some dirty act they committed, Examples:

  • They committed a criminal offense and now they want to be a Moor.
  • They want to stop paying child support so they want to become a Moor.
  • They want to stop paying on their mortgage so they want to be a Moor.
  • They want to stop paying on their credit cards so they want to be a Moor.
  • Law enforcement is after them so they go to the Moors thinking reclaiming Moorish status will help them. – No, it will not.
  • They overstayed their visa and they think reclaiming Moorish status will save them. There has been a great big lie by those that propagate this false belief.
  • There is no need to go further because it is very clear why many sections in the Moorish community are divided. One reason is because many of these folks that call themselves Moors are aiding and abetting criminal acts.
What should we do?

The adepts should continue to protect the Prophet and his movement. This also includes all materials that do not belong in the hands of Cowan’s and ear droppers.

The same pertain to the adepts in the Clock of Destiny Temple and College.


One of the major keys for the Moorish community is Unity as noted as a central interest in the Moorish Nation- Look at the Word Unity on the Card.

The prophet said “They must not practice the principles of segregation among any group in his or her Temple.”

Many people say that the Moors are divided. We must learn to recognize the faithful in comparison to the unfaithful. The Moorish Science Temple based on the Prophet has a Temple, Supreme Grand Body, Law Makers, Flag, Great Seal, Corporate Seal, By-laws and Constitution, Population, Mufti land and in some places agriculture. They have Grand Sheiks and Supreme Grand Sheiks and Supreme and State Governors. – They have a government.

There are many unfaithful and new Moors that are not entitled to any of the rights, benefits and light of the Grand Body because they are not members or in a better sense active members. Membership has its benefits.

If a Moorish Temple doesn’t have the above standards and principles then you must ask yourself, are they legal AND lawful?

Reincarnated Prophets


This is Givens El, Chauffer for the Prophet.

There were other men that claimed to be the reincarnated Prophet. Those that are adepts understand that reincarnations appear in the bodies of our youth not grown sons, however, if many define a belief system to be the basis of claiming reincarnation then their ideals should be respected. Only adepts that are educated in such study will be best to accept this, especially members of AMORC.

The dis-Unity is not only based on the dirty Moors just coming into the Moorish community but is based on the diversification of materials released.

It is very important that members that are truly interested in the Moorish Culture to first get a foundation in the Prophet’s teachings and C.M.Bey. If your studies don’t pertain to the foundation then you need to question the materials and the teachers.

Why does the Premier speak strongly about protecting the interest of the Moorish Nation?

Ans: Because children are being born in this everyday with Bey’s and El’s. They should NOT have to suffer because of dirty Moors. We should be setting up children programs for our children and the children in the community that don’t have the Bey or El as a surname.

Economics should be the agenda every day. If a Moorish Community doesn’t have an Economic Plan then the nation will fail and that includes their children because they were not being industrious-Economic Security is Key.

Is there another alternative in case the Moorish Groups Fail? Yes, there are. The Prophet said” it will take you 50 years to learn what I have given you and if you are not careful another 50 years you would have forgotten I was here.’- Not the precise words but 90% is accurate.

This is proof that there may be a possibility it will happen. Proof is that many so-called Moors are going contrary to the teachings of the Prophet. All you have to do is study his works and see for yourself.

One of the alternatives and foremost valuable one is for every Moorish family to live out all Moorish principles; love, truth, peace, freedom and justice with economic security. If we study the Prophets work and C.M.Bey’s we will rise overnight.

You see, you will not just allow anyone in your home, or around your children and family. Therefore, you will guard the standards of nobility well. NO dirty Moor will be permitted to enter your cipher. You will test all and see if they are worthy and well qualified, duly and truly prepared. You will try them before approving personal affiliation.

This is the alternative to repairing the Moorish Nation. Actually many Moorish families already accepted this demonstration.