Moors of The Orient

The Japanese, Chinese, Aryans and people of India are Moors

Blacks were first in Asia and pioneered Asia’s early civilization!

The Black role in Asia as elsewhere in the world has been submerged and distorted for centuries. Asia’s African roots are well summarized in African Presence in Early Asia by Ivan Van Sertima & Runoko Rashidi, and African Presence in Early China by James Brunson. The original oriental people were moors referred to as Black people in North America, and many of them still are Dark of Hue complexion — southern China and Asia. The earliest occupants of Asia were ‘small ‘Blacks” (at times you may see the work Black in quotes so that you continue to have an idea of whom I’m addressing) (pygmies) who came to the region as early as 50,000 years ago Christian Calendar ( Keep in mind that the Romans added 580 years to the Moorish Calendar, Now tell me, if you defeated or colonized a nation would you not mark your beginning of your rule, change their names, culture and belief system, well yes, that also included the calendar).

In 100 Amazing Facts About The Negro, J.A. Rogers reports that in 1923, Europeans first discovered “a hitherto unknown Negro race, the Nakhis, 200,000 in number, in Southern China.” (Yes your mind went through a mental zone because the word Negro was used. I must now reveal to you that the word Negro derives from a river, please read 100 Amazing facts. It was the miss-education and the prejudice instilled in us that had us believe other wise. However, in North America it has been accepted as a derogatory word, therefore, I recommend to not use it due to the history that was practiced its use) In The Children of the Sun George Parker writes “… it appears that the entire continent of Asia was originally the home of many ‘black’ people and that these people were the pioneers in establishing the wonderful civilizations that have flourished throughout this vast continent.” The Premier have learned that we were the Asiatic people and this was the name of the entire planet before a continent was called Africa, and that we were the original people of the land. If you take a closer look you will realize that Asia is bigger than the portion that is now called Africa, and that you can fit Africa in Asiatic. Also all must remember that there was NO European continent during Moorish rule, they renamed the land mass, just like Columbus called the Moors Trinidadians because he saw three mountains.

The question is what did they call themselves? Reports of major kingdoms ruled by Moors are frequent in Chinese documents. The first kingdom of Southeast Asia is called Fou Nan, famous for building masterful canal systems. Chinese historians described the Fou Nanese men as “small and black.” The Ainus, Japan’s oldest known inhabitants, have traditions which tell of a race of dark dwarfs which inhabited Japan before they did ( if you read the Clock of Destiny Book 2 you will understand that the Japanese are Moors as well). Historians Cheikh Anta Diop and Albert Churchward saw the Ainus as originating in Egypt! There is archeological support for this. In addition, ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia records the “Anu” (Ainu?). The Ainu “… are of the same original race and type as the Australian Aborigines” reports Churchward in Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man. J.A. Rogers writes in Sex and Race Vol. I, “… there are many numbers of Japanese who, but for color and hair, bear a striking resemblance to the South African Bushman…” An ancient tradition points to the conquest of Japan from the southeast by a race of Black warriors.

Did Africans build those ancient pyramids in Japan and China?

There are man-made pyramids in China and Japan! China’s pyramids are located near Siang Fu city in the Shensi province. The Chinese do not know how they got there but it is believed that Africans of the Nile Valley were the builders (J. Perry: The Growth of Civilization p.106,107) Mistaken for hill due to there eroded appearance; the ones in Japan are made of stones not indigenous to Japan. It is said they were built during the time of Mu. (see page 15) (A. Tebecis: Mahikari — Thank God for the Answers at Last — at Mahikari Centers, LA (310) 316-6867, The Pyramids of Japan — film by Alpha Media Corp.)

China’s first historical dynasty and first emperor were Moors (Black)!

Founded by King Tang or Ta, the earliest documented rulership of China was the Shang Dynasty (or Chiang) c. 1500-1000 B.C., which is credited with bringing together the elements of China’s earliest known civilization. The Shang were given the name Nakhi (Na-Black, Khi-man). Under the Black dynasty, the Chinese established the basic forms of a graceful calligraphy that has lasted to the present day. The first Chinese emperor, the legendary Fu-Hsi (2953-2838 B.C.- before the colonization of the moors) was a wooly haired Black Man. He is credited with establishing government, originating social institutions and cultural inventions. He is said to have originated the I Ching, or The Book of Change, which is the oldest, most revered system of prophecy. It is known to have influenced the most distinguished philosophers of Chinese thought.

The martial arts originated in what they call AFRICA, not Asia!

Kilindi Iyi’s essay in African Presence in Early Asia (by Van Sertima/Rashidi) reveals the African roots of the martial arts: Africans discovered very early that the movements of animals could be used effectively to develop their fighting skills. Also, that ‘animal principles’ could be isolated within the consciousness and manifested into an unconquerable fighting force. The oldest records of kicking, throwing, wrestling, and punching techniques were found in Egypt. These warrior scientists laid the foundation for all martial arts systems, including Kung Fu and Judo.

The first people of India were Africans (Moors)! The word India itself means Black. Yoga and other so-called Eastern teachings originated in Africa!

The Latin word “India” is from the Greek word Indus (or Indos) which means Black. The earliest people of India were ‘Black’ Africans, Who do you think built the Tag Mahall (! It is believed that many of them came from Ethiopia. Often called Dravidians, these Moors founded the great Indus Valley Civilization around 3000 B.C. They brought with them many spiritual sciences which originated in Africa, such as those of Yoga, Kundalini and Reflexology. They were masters of urban planning and architecture: their homes and cities had running water, toilets, and an underground sewage system! — evidenced at the Mohenjo Daro ruins (2000 B.C.). It is believed that the Ganges, the sacred river of India, is named after an Ethiopian king of that name who conquered Asia as far as this river. Buddha, Krishna, and other great Black sages arose from their successive civilizations, including the great King Asoka.

Barbaric whites invaded India, bringing destruction.

Around the 7th century B.C., nomadic, barbaric tribes of whites invaded India. Like their Greek cousins were to do later, these uncivilized whites learned civilization from the Moors and overthrew them, destroying their great civilization. Like their European cousins were to do later with Christianity and Judaism, they distorted the ‘Black’s’ religion and spiritual values into a system which ensured their superiority while suppressing the natives ( look today at the white jesus in many homes of dark and fair complexion Moorish homes, referred to as Africans, West Indians, Dominicans, Cubans, Japanese etc). The caste system is the basis of their cunning, oppressive religious ideology which to this day enslaves the mind, body and soul of indigenous Blacks. Originally called Brahminism, this religion was altered and is now called Hinduism — the greatest curse to India’s Blacks. According to Madame Blavatsky — founder of Theosophy and a woman mason (a philosophy based on India’s sacred sciences and Moorish Sufism), a type of caste system was already in place before the ‘whites’ arrived. They got worst and exploited it, putting themselves on top. Historians incorrectly refer to these whites as “Aryan,” a word stolen from the Sanskrit language of India’s Blacks, where it meant noble cultivator or the holy as a title for Rishis (sages) who mastered the sacred science of Aryasatyani. Yes, we were called the Aryan nation, but the ignorance of many little European children they once again stole the rights and turned it into and supreme power and distaste for themselves and against the people that are the founders of it.

No justice exists for the Dalits: India’s Black “Untouchables”.

At the top of the Hindu caste pyramid sits the Brahmin. At the bottom are the heavily exploited, degraded, humiliated, slave-like, impoverished “Untouchables” who carry the weight of the entire population. They are the worse victims of Hindu society, along with women at all caste levels. African Presence in Early Asia presents an essay by Indian activists T. Rajshekar who writes: “From the very beginning it [Brahminism/Hinduism] has had the suppression of the native population and women, even Aryan women, as its primary principles… whereas the natives respected all humans and assured equal status to women. In fact, the natives of India were matriarchal…” These Moorish Untouchables are the long-suffering descendants of Aryan/Black unions and native Moorish populations who retreated into the hinterlands of India seeking escape from the advancing Aryan influence under which they eventually succumbed. They call themselves Dalits which means crushed and broken. Though the caste system (or varna system) was based originally on skin color (varna means color), color is not the main problem as some dark or light skinned people are found at the top and bottom. The problem is the sanctioned oppression of Moorish Untouchables. No justice exists for them! Crimes against them by caste Hindus almost always go unpunished! Rajshekar writes

“No where else in the world is there a parallel to the Aryan persecution of the untouchables of India… It is a social, cultural, and religious institution… The caste structure maintains itself because every member of a particular caste group stands to gain by belonging to that particular caste-group. The caste system helps the exploitation of the weak by the strong. India’s constitution not only does not interfere with caste, but fully upholds it… Caste system is based on purity and pollution. One group is considered more pure than the other. The less pure caste group accepts its lower status because it is happy that it has a much larger caste group below it to exploit. As long as there is somebody below it to exploit, it is proud and will not mind somebody always standing on its shoulders. So the entire caste structure is a … self-sustaining, automatic, exploitive machine.”

India’s ‘Blacks’ are ignorant of their Moorish roots.

India’s native Moorish population is the largest Moorish population outside Africa, numbering about 200 million. They have brown to black skin, straight or kinky hair and African features, such as the famous Indian holy man, Sathya Sai Baba who has a large kinky afro. Rajshekar writes “The Black untouchables of India, even the educated among them are not aware of the common origin of Africans and Dalits. Would you not say the same applies to your Parrish or country?

When they come to know of this and the struggle of the moors referred to as African-Americans and their spectacular achievements, our people will naturally become proud. Putting pride into their broken hearts is our prime task… This is why the Clock of Destiny Moorish International Order of the Great Seal encourages the Asiatics to read certain books. The Moorish-Americans ( That means South America, North America and Central America also must know that their liberation struggle cannot be complete as long as their own blood-brothers and sisters living in far off Asia are suffering. It is true that Moors and India’s Black Untouchables better know as moors are both the victims of racism…American leaders can give our struggle tremendous support by bringing forth knowledge of the existence of such a huge chunk of Asian Moors to the notice of both the American Black masses and the Black masses who dwell within the African continent itself… No group is better positioned to launch this cultural revolution than India’s Dalits. Since we form the foundation of this caste pyramid, we alone are capable of shaking its structure, if not demolishing it… The moment that our people come to believe that they are neither Hindus nor obligated to obey the upper castes, the whole caste structure completely collapses.”