Lessons Explained

Dear World Citizens:
The Clock of Destiny Moorish National Order was founded in 1947 by Charles Mosley Bey (CM Bey) out of Cleveland Ohio. When the founder passed away in 1973 from a stroke it remained dormant until 1994. C.M. Bey’s Minister of law Joseph Dumas Bey passed it on to our President on November 11, 1994. Since then, he kept the original works of C.M. Bey alive and in its original form.

This website has revealed some principles, history and law concepts from the temple. What we have done was to establish a way for citizens of the world to link to the family of nations by providing this independent correspondence course dealing with Moorish science, spirituality, history, culture and law (Divine and mundane). It is designed to give each individual a clear picture and complete understanding of the history and sciences of the ancient dark skin kinky haired rulers of the planet earth before European rule. This is the history that many races never thought you would have never found out.

Did you know that prior to the 18th Century the continent we now call America were known as North, Central, and South Africa?

Did you know that the English language was not created until 1828 in North America? Prior to 1828 the people of this country were speaking various dialects of Latin and Arabic.

Did you know that prior to 1736 in what today is called England, the first English dictionary was written by Nathaniel Bailey. Prior to that time, the Europeans were speaking different dialects of Latin and Arabic.

Did you know that 50,000 “black” women were executed at Niagara Falls two hundred years ago in an attempt to conceal this information?

Did you know that Niagara Falls means “Nigger Head Falls”?

Did you know that a Moor by the Name of Sir Thomas Moore, the great Lord chancellor of Henry VIII body was cut up on pieces and spread over the London bridge in England?

Did you know that the first republicans were “blackmen” that wore wigs, termed the Whig party, and after the European took over they changed the name from Whig party to Republican Party?

Did you know that the words “OK”, “Okie Dokie” and nodding of the head were the approval to chop Moorish heads off? If you go into the museum a few blocks from the University of Cambridge in the UK you will see the Moorish head and underneath the writing, “Moorish Head”. The president of the Clock of Destiny witnessed this picture personally. He said that no one is permitted to take pictures.

Did you know that the Turks ruled what today they now call Russia? Yes while the Moors were ruling one area, the Turks were ruling another. In that time there was no Russia, it was all part of the Ottoman Empire.

Our American educators and the educators abroad deliberately and systematically eliminated vital information from the public school systems concerning history, science, and religion. Did you ever wonder why Moorish History hasn’t been taught to you in high school and universities? You learned about Columbus, so- called Indians, world wars, European authors and scholars. You have leaned about Greece, Spain but never about the contributions of the Moors termed Negro, Black, African, Indian, Sicilians, Jews, Dominicans, etc.

This information is so vital that it could change the entire world over night. Please, on you own time order the books: Nature knows No Color Line and Sex and Race, both by J.A. Rogers. Also purchase the books titled The Golden Age of the Moor by Ivan Van Sertima; Stolen Legacy by George GM James; and They Came before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima. If you have a hard time obtaining the books please email and make a request.

The Moorish esoteric, history, science, law and culture course is designed to cover all of the above subjects in great detail. Information that, until now was restricted to the secret order societies such as lodges, temples and Mosques and various secret order and organizations will be presented and explained to you. As you receive this information, you will see why it has been kept from the public at all cost. You will also see how the revealing of this information will change not only your personal world, but this entire world.

There are 49 written lessons. After the first 9 lessons is when the history and science is given to the students. The 49 lessons are so arranged that one lesson advances a person to the next lesson. Each lesson has Moorish science in it; History and Ancient Masonry. With these lessons regarding the high science of masonry you will have no need to join a Masonic lodge, because the science of masonry that you will find in these lessons are nowhere to be found in modern day Masonic lodges. These lessons will accommodate the Clock of Destiny books by C.M. Bey and its universal symbols. If you are a member of a Rosicrucian Organization, it will only parallel and improve your studies. Also for the record, the College is not and will not be a drawn out study. After you complete your 49 lessons, if you wish to donate afterwards, it will be your choice; and yes, there will be other lessons provided.

Moors were not just industrious in land; they were also mentalist and spiritualists. They were able to produce, or create what ever they desired or willed. They first had to be a master of self, then create a vision of their desire, afterwards manifest the God from within to without, which were the results of their thoughts. Well, the 49 lessons prepare you for self initiation into the Godhood. We take on many titles in Lodges, temples, churches. That’s fine, because it is all transitory. However, many spend so many years to become Worshipful Master, Grand Hierophant, Worthy Master so on and so forth. These titles are finite and have not the potential to assist the son of man to become the sons of God. That is one of our objectives in the Clock of Destiny to assist its members to obtain to Godhood. – Ye are the temple of God, which Temple is Ye!

Keynote: Some guest had questions regarding the lessons concerning timing. They wanted to know if the College going to pacify them for money because some Rosicrucian Orders and others have no end to money demands for lessons.

Ans: The answer is No. After 49 lessons, there are other lessons provided that deal with the zodiac and the tarot cards. It is another applied science that a person could use in their daily life. We ask for a donation. That donation could be $1. Also if you are not able to donate it, it will not prevent your growth in this August Work.

Keynote: Some guest wanted to know if the lessons were the same?

Ans: No, the lessons are not the same; however, the higher learnings are based on the same principle which is to teach you home to become a product of God and create your own destiny.. What might take you five years to learn, you will learn the relative materials of the higher art as you travel in your studies up the latter to the 49th lesson onward.

Keynote: The other question was: MUST they change their names?

Ans: That is a decision of the person. If you want to study the 49 lessons and just remain a member of the college, and go no further, and be titled a Moorish Master Mason (after completing the 49 lessons) that is your choice. You will still be entitled to Clock of Destiny College rights. If you are seeking the reclamation process then the College and Our Temple Link (either way) will guide you on that path. – And yes, there are benefits reclaiming your birthrights. In addition, regarding name change. That was a question recently asked via email. It is not mandatory to change your whole name. If you your name is John Doe, you could say John Doe El. Or John Doe Bey Etc. Lastly, if you would like to change you entire name example: instead of John Doe Bey, you might change it to Mansa Musa Bey. Again, in the Moorish Nation it was always the issue of applying the Bey or El to your name. Example: Charles Mosley Bey and Noble Drew Ali. I hope this answered the question. This applies to all Moors in North, South Central and et al.

Now, since the site has been up, people around the world have questioned how come it will take 49 lessons to which is almost 3 years to reclaim nationality. After meeting with the council it has been decided to issue the nationality cards after completing of the 13th lesson. The new policy is as follows: To enroll in the mail order course you must order no less than the first two lessons. You can then order one or two lessons per month (your choice). The lessons must be ordered in proper sequence. When you reach to level 11 you then qualify to become a member of the Clock of Destiny Moorish International College of the Great Seal. Once you become a member you will receive correspondence from our headquarters on a regular basis and can submit questions concerning Moorish History or/ and the high occult as it applies to the lessons provided. As a member you can also attend the annual convention of Moors that is held in the tri states area, Atlanta Georgia, or WDC. This convention is for members only. When you order your lessons, you are placed on the membership eligibility list and given a student number. When our records indicate that you have ordered all 49 lessons you will receive an attractive Moorish Certificate.

The Clock of Destiny Moorish National Order of the Great Seal is attempting to make the revelation of this information and history a national and International movement. A movement we would like you to be a part of.

A question was asked: Do you have to already have your name corrected or change before enrolling in the College? The Answer is no. If a natural person is seeking that process, we assist them to complete the process. Our course, we recommend to all in order to assist the people around the world to develop the best in them. Also it is essential that many moors have a spiritual base before taking on the mundane law concepts and practice, because it stands true that many Moorish ego’s have not been cultivated.

If you order by mail please allow 3-10 days to receive them. Every order is usually shipped two days after receiving the order due to an accumulation of orders being sent out at once. To order please return to OUR SYSTEM LINK.

To all concerned, the 49 lessons are strictly an applied science.

Thanks to all members and visiting guests.

President- the Son of the number 9.