Legal Services



Who does 90% of attorney’s paper work and research?
Certified Paralegals or/and licensed attorneys here in New York. We will assist Moorish Americans and non Moorish Americans in preparing litigation paper work. Please know that there is a fee for all legal services.

Thank you for asking for these services and we look forward in providing the necessary legal help to better protect your rights and rights to property.

Send us an email if you would like additional information. If you prefer to have us contact you, please provide the following information:

Please note that a Moorish Legal Consultations (via phone or in person) and document preparation will require a fee of $45 for the first 30 min. Please provide information below along with a brief description of the matter at hand. Please be specific. If you do not provide the type of assistance you are seeking or an email and contact number we will not contact you.

Your name:
Your telephone number:
Your email address:

Let us know if any of the options below applies:

1. Assistance in preparing complaints, summons, motions and replies and appeals.

2. Conducting legal research; criminal or tax cases.

3. Representing you at EEOC or the Labor Department.

4. Assistance in preparing UCC filing. This assistance is only for moors that are members of the Clock of Destiny based on our sovereignty link only found on the website. There are too many people claiming sovereignty for very trivial reasons and we will not waist our time with the argument. If you obtained information regarding UCC from any other organization besides the Clock of Destiny we recommend that you return to the ones you initially got it from. Let us be clear: We do not discuss UCC or Sovereignty within ‘Our System Conference calls.” We do not discuss UCC materials at our Clock of Destiny Meetings. Being transparent, UCC does not and will not place you in your proper Moorish Status. Also many people sacrifices a lot, and lost much due to misinformation not founded on legal research. They lost their; homes, jobs, family, government benefits and much more. Therefore, the Premier refuses to place ANY member and none member at risk whereby they or their family have to suffer.

5. Assistance in repairing credit and building your credit score. The dollar is fading and we are going into lines of credit every day. There are two things left besides credit for the future. 1. Credit is before us. 2. Gold. 3. Silver. As many of you can see, some are not able to get a loan, rent a car, purchase a home, rent a hotel and in some places not even use cash. Therefore stop thinking day by day and consider 5 to 10 years from now. Many moors will be on the outside while trying to peak in. By that time it will take them nearly 3-7 years to repair their credit and if they do not heed our advice regarding UCC they will have to try to regain their looses, and if they had an encounter with the courts, they will try to expunge their record. Remember moors, you can get more money but you can never get back your time. To all COD readers, and visitors, Credit worthiness is very essential towards financial stability acceptance.

6. Consultations on the pro’s and con’s on sovereignty and assistance in obtaining complete sovereignty. Please be informed this process will expatriate your status within the states of the union or/and its federal territories if you are seeking to separate. Our consultation will be based on functioning in the state by preserving your Birthrights and Sovereignty status. But you MUST, MUST work on establishing your sir name, Bey or El. That is where your birthrights are. Again, THIS IS ONLY FOR MEMBERS OF THE CLOCK OF DESTINY that completed lesson number 13. If you are not a member of the Clock of Destiny, only a member can refer you. You must provide their contact information so that we can verify that your referral is in our registry.

7. Monitor all actions of a hired attorney that you have chosen in a plaintiff action. This includes all legal documents entered and recorded by the courts.

8. Notary. New York State only.

9. Assistance with Asset Protection. We can prepare your estate plan, provide a structure to preserve your family wealth (You must have assets to preserve) or/and set up particular corporate entities to protect your family legacy, children trust or employer benefits. Please know that this process can cost you a few thousands. Therefore, if you are not serious please do not call. We work with the Woodberry Wealth Management & Associates Inc. They only deal with high net worth clients. The Premier is a founding member of the company. Everyone is licensed in financial and legal services.

10. You are about to lose your home: This option is available to every citizen. The reason is because many folks have become victims. You must leave your contact information mentioned above. You will receive a call from one of our representatives to hear your case (free). Afterwards we will determine the best route to take. If someone has to meet you for a consultation or review any legal documents there will be a fee attached. If we decide to take on the case a down payment or/ retainer will be necessary.