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Moorish health conditions are relatively poor, but programs of mass education in child and parent hygiene, as well as government supervised health services in schools and colleges, will help to raise standards. The prophet Noble Drew Ali mentioned that the above products will cure those illnesses you were not born with. Our people have been subject to malaria, tuberculosis, venereal diseases, cancer, diabetes, obesity and more. However, gastrointestinal infections, typhoid, cancer and diabetes, and tuberculosis remain widespread. The World Health Organizations and UNICEF have cooperated in the government’s campaigns against eye disorders and venereal diseases.

Now the Americas governments are focusing on Well care programs in which will give assistance in reducing illnesses. Mayor Bloomberg is mandating in New York City that restaurants only serve 16 once soda’s due to the high contents of sugar due to obesity and diabetes. However there are franchises that allow refills that will equal the same amount of high risk long term effects.

The current Moorish health system .will better serve the reductions of the health problems that exist especially in the Moorish community referred to African, Indian, West Indian etc while we constantly perfect our health program and provide those services necessary for our people that will also initiate to aid in the longevity of their life span.

The community of the worlds should consider eating healthy to the best of their financial ability. Eat the best food stuff knowing that our temples are sacred and that not just anything belongs in it. Work out daily or prioritize your schedule to a workout at least 2-3 days a week or at least on the weekend. Drink a lot of water. If you drink tap water squeeze light lemon or lime in your water.

Also leave the pig alone. Don’t wait until the Doctor’s of America advise you to stop eating the pig due to high salt intake among other concerns. Getting along of rest and strive not to eat to late especially meat.

Those women that has thyroid problems. I know because my daughter had them majorly in 2012. It is very painful. Some women get constipated, incur major pain and cannot eat. The matter worsens. You will be advised by a licensed Doctor to have surgery or you may consult your dad like me or Queen Afua in Brooklyn New York. My daughter was advised to leave red meats along and now she only eats fish. She has no more problems and is doing well. As you can see diet plays an import in roll in having better health, meaning what you eat plays a risky roll in how long you may live. Why work out and take the things that will make you better when at the same time you are eat poison that will aid you to a faster death. Therefore, for heed our words of wisdom.

The Minister of Health of the Moorish Islamic Federal Government is not licensed by the United States Corporation and does not provide Health advice based on the dictates of the United States or State system Guidelines. Therefore, if you are in need of health advice then you MUST consult United States or State licensed doctors.

Our Departments are only managed by Moorish American members that are in possession of professional certifications, BA,MBA and PHD’s in the field of practice that seek that our conditions get better.

Our Moorish Health Products has existed since 1927 in the Moorish American Community. We have decided to let the world know that the Moorish Nation here in North America is on the rise founded on economic security, culture and scientific principles and will serve the communities of the world as our ancient forefathers has done before us.

As our health department grows we will provide other products for the well being of the nation. We ask you to study and watch our demonstrations of our products and services for the upliftment of fallen humanity through our system of government. By doing so you will bear witness that we as Moors have your interest at heart.

The Premier would like to thank all for your continues support in the efforts to make the world a better place to live.

Hurry and come to join on to the once talked about great nation that is rising on equal footing with the governments of the world, but this time with love!


Body Builder and Blood Purfier.
For men, women and children. Beneficial for Rheumatism, lung Trouble, Run Down Constitution. Indigestion and loss of manhood.

(I must say that the Moorish tea is good for food poising as well. I had it and it worked without going to the doctor. Also it is excellent as a laxative without Grippling the stomach).

Moorish Tea

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Beneficial for Rheumatism, neuralgia, headache, toothache, indigestion, sore and tired feet and stiff joints.

( It is excellent for toothache and joint problems in the knee. Applied in the areas it satisfy the concerns).

Moorish Mineral and Healing Oil

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