Financial Program

How to achieve life goals to support yourself and family.
How to achieve life goals to support yourself, family and the Moorish Nation.

Teaching economics and finance is mandated in the Moorish nation. These have been the practices of our Moorish leaders. We need economic security. Not tomorrow but now. The Premier is calling on all moors to step up to the plate and show and prove that we mean business. Stay from the court room and rise to the economic occasion whereby we may have economic and financial security which will demand respect of all humanity.

We had Marcus Garvey and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. We had Rosewood and black Wall Street. We had the upper 400 out of Washington D.C. Where is the Moorish Economic agenda. It is pass do.

Come all ye professional Asiatics and assist in implementing the Clock of Destiny Economic Agenda demonstrated above.

Look around you and you will realize just about every ethnicity controls their own community except the black community, and the Moorish community. Well, many of us have a big job. Our job is to raise our economic position in life and teach the unfortunate ones of our methodology.

I’m calling on all Moors, especially members of the Clock of Destiny to help me raise this nation. I have invested my personal saving to study for you; the organizations and companies in executive leadership at Cornell University. I have studied at the University of London/Cambridge University, and will return to study to further constitutional Government so that we may have a sound foundation. I therefore, call on all professional Moorish Americans to meet with me and discuss the financial security of the nation. If you believe in our vision as the Moorish Nation and you have a strong desire to see us succeed. Come and join the Moorish Nation under the umbrella of the Clock of Destiny and help us save and revive the nation. Teach, build and live by example.

1. We need our own parcel. Part of this land to be built on. We need to grow our own food so that we can have long lasting health.

2. We need our Moorish farmland in order to raise our free-range products. This will be separate from organic non-meat products.

3. We need our own Moorish Educational Universalities like our Moorish forefathers. We need to teach our own about their true history- Moorish, the science along with government, finance along with business.

4. We want to produce affordable housing. This include housing for an upward mobile community.

5. A banking system and/or credit union is necessary, whereby we control and invest in our own welfare while keeping the money in our own community.

6. We have a program for government and many departments await your expertise. With a Moorish Great Seal Government we can do business with other nations of the earth.

7. We have plans to establish our own printing press. Let’s stop corporations reporting on our failures and let’s report on our successes.

8. We are planning a Moorish cultural academy in order to teach the moors cultural etiquettes. Civilization starts at home. Islam is as refined and is a well evolved culture, therefore we must institute the principles laid out by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali and Charles Mosley Bey.

9. We will qualify our registered members to teach and live by example in order to raise one another to a financial level of security whereby every member will be in a better place to take care of their family, especially their children and want for nothing.

We Need EVERY Moorish American, Bey and El and those Moors referred to as Negro, black, Indian, West Indian etc to support our ECONOMIC AGENDA as prescribed in the Clock of Destiny Preamble.

PREAMBLE: We, the members of this Moorish Constitution National Order of the Great Seal, must promote organized effort in the category of all legal business enterprises such as: Chain stores of necessary human consumption; housing and building programs; agriculture; printing; literature; home group education in the Moorish Science of the Zodiac involving human character, sociology, economics, commerce, the science of good government, etc.

Let’s look at our financial commitment for the next three years:

7 Days X Nickel (a day) =$.35 a week
52 week=$18.20 a year
$18.20 X 16 Million (Labor Force)
=$291, 200,000
This can be done in one year with your support.
Can we afford $.35 cents a week? Look at the power of pennies nickels and times.
We will restore the Moorish Empire.

Isaiah 61:4

“And they shall build the old wastes, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations.”

The Prophet Noble Drew Ali Said mentioned on page 16 in the Moorish Guide “We shall be secure in nothing until we have economic power. A beggar people cannot develop the highest in them,”

Charles Mosley Bey (Moses) said on page 38, Clock of Destiny Vol 1 “Thereby solve your own economic problems. As it stands today the Asiatics of the U.S.A., are begging and relying upon the “white People” to solve their economic problems. Remember, beggars have no choice.”