CM Bey

C.M. Bey/Moses

Funeral services for C.M.Bey were held last Saturday morning at the Edward Strowder Funeral Chapel. During his life time he obtained a Ph.D., LLD, 3rd, 33rd and 360 degree free Born Moorish Master Mason status. He was a Master Astrologer and Moorish Constitutional Law Giver.

Latin the native language of the Moors was used throughout the program. He was born March 3, 1897 in Chicago ILL. During his life span he attended the University of Chicago after which he served in World War 1. He then attended the University of Yucatan in Mexico where he gathered the knowledge of the Moabite Nation.

From that point he set out to write the necessary documents, books and Cosmo Constitution Law of the Great Seal that the world may be free.

C.M.Bey registered his work with the Library of Congress in 1947 coded under the USC Title 22 Chapter 2 Sec. 141 under judicial protection. At this point he began to go from place to place to lecture and working to restore the lost people. Namely those classified as Negros, black, african Americans, west Indian etc. but more especially the dark skinned people here in America called Negroes to their constitutional heritage, birthright, and nationality which would free them from their enslaved causes by the use of their animalistic labels, negro and slave.

He worked faithfully for 10 years from 1947-1957. It was this time he was stricken by a stroke in which speech impairment resulted. After recovery from his stroke C.M. Bey began to teach others to teach: from 1957-1973. He worked diligently and faithfully writing literature so the job of uplifting of fallen humanity may be carried on. Our Dear Constitutional Law Giver passed form in Lakeside Hospital and not in a home of a friend.

You will find many parallels to the Prophet sayings. Yes, he was commissioned by the Prophet. I left certain groups out that came afterwards in order to maintain a positive light and to permit the Moorish community to move forward without prejudice.

‘The Moors and Europeans will rise together then you will understand the meaning of Tubalcain’. – Clock of Destiny book.

C.M. Bey’s teachings were prepared especially for the Black Masons and Black Eastern Stars based on Clock of Destiny books and certain materials. It was a private organization and still is.

There are some fraternities and a particular Masonic Grand Lodge that hold their heads up and act very elites toward those that are not members of their organization. One fraternity is Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc the other one is Prince Hall Grand Lodge.

All must keep in mind when the Boule (1904) and Alpha Phi Alpha (1906) was started it was based on them not being allowed to enter the white fraternities and other white societies. Meaning, they were not allowed to share in their social equality so they established their own. This was a superb decision; however, what the ‘white’ society put on then, we in return, placed the same on our very own people. This applies to the particular Masonic Order as well. Every black Masonic Order is not recognized because of the term Clan-destine. C.M. Bey revealed that Clan really means Klanism (Clock of Destiny book). The Klan practiced separation and so this particular Grand Lodge applied the same to their very own.

The Premier respect and honor the greatness of their selection of membership and their goals. They have chosen some of the best in character to build our young boys to assist them in becoming gentlemen. In 2013 one of C.M.Bey students shared great insight on the divine 8 who is now known today as the Divine 9, meaning fraternities and sororities. They use the term in AMORC the Premier told us “Frat and Soros”.

As moors we should understand that Moors do not subscribe to being gentlemen because of its English and French origin. We as Moors have always subscribed to being a Noble of Moorish descent. Not Shriners because they have an adopted rite. We as Moors have an inherited birthright. However, as the Moors say, “you must meet a person where you find them.”

There are many parallels in the materials of the Divine 9 and the Boule fraternity. Members must keep in mind that the lodges, the divine 9 and the boule materials are founded on Moorish Science. All three of them adopt the Greek alphabets and principles of administrative operation. Also Egyptian culture. When the Alpha Fraternity recommends the book “Stolen Legacy” which is one of the books recommended by the Premier “they will discover that the Moors were the protectors of Egypt-land. When you read Masonic materials you will study how the Moorish history entered the fraternity by way of the knights Temple. In some cases by moors themselves”. In summary refer back to the Clock of Destiny Book Vol II page 34:

“One’s M.A,. M.S,. , B.A., B.S,. D.D,. LLD, PhD, Dr. and Alpha, Beta, Kappa, Gamma to Omega, especially if their skin is dark brown, means very little to them in a practical manner until they have absorbed the revelation of the Moorish History…” Therefore, everything must return to the source.

Another important note to all members of the Clock of Destiny. Alpha Phi Alpha Inc. mentions that they are to inherited the government and lead the people. The Premier shared with us that “many of them are not aware of certain historic facts, because the land cannot be shared with subjects, but Moorish descendants of this land based on our Moorish proclamations, inherited birthrights and other materials not mentioned in this lesson”. Also only the Moors can lead the people by way of first restoring them as first class citizens by way of Moorish Nationality and Birthright. This MUST be done by following our plan. As the Premier mentioned. “Our plan exists in the Circle 7 Koran and the Clock of Destiny.” A moor will not understand Circle 7 Koran without studying the Clock of Destiny. All Clock of Destiny members must accept the Prophet and Moses in order to understand the plan. We must excel in every science as C.M. Mentioned in the Clock of Destiny Books. This will equal our success. The fraternities mentioned above are our friends. The sorority women are our friends as well. We must teach them hidden truth while at the same time show them our successes.

But allow me to be clear regarding C.M. Bey’s saying. Moors should never feel slighted by any organization. Europeans are to rise with the Moors based on Vol. 2. We are the direct heir of this land and the Jews and several European families are aware of our advancement. The Moors and Jews are our brothers as a well kept secret in the Clock of Destiny (The Keys are and has always been in the hands of the Kinky hair Moors- COD). At this time the Jews and ‘White’ Christians govern North America. There will be a time that the Moors, Jews and “white” Christians will rule side by side. Remember, there was a time that the Moors and Jews ruled together.

Those that remain under the Christian yoke will continue to be subject to the King, while the Moorish Republic will govern their own affairs with the assistance of the Europeans and in reverse. The blacks chose to serve under the eagle is voluntary; therefore we as Moors must reach those that is on the path the reverse seal.

Moorish Nobility
Our Moorish forefathers ruled the world and the seven seas. The Popes kissed the feet of Moors (Moorish Empire). We established high evolved institutions of learning. We introduced light in the dark ages of Europe. We lived in empires, castles and ate the finest foods and wore the greatest fabrics. Diamond and gold, yachts and jet planes were our toys. We built esteem civilizations and libraries. Irrigation, gun power, art etc we were known for. For those Moorish Americans that are aware of such history we MUST NOT put on the people of the world what some of these blacks are doing to one another, but we must continue to read. Go to Morehouse, Spellman, Hamptons, Yale, Fisk, Harvard, and Princeton. Also look at the University of London, Cambridge University and the Oxford University. We list only the best because that’s all moors knew, and that is the best.Moors should never settle with less of anything. Moors never sort to be equal nor equal rights. Because no ethnicity was ever equal to Moorish accomplishments. Therefore, we must always seek the best and teach our children the same quality of life. Remember, the prophet said “Moors you are Rich” “Moors you are millionaires”. – C.M. Bey Student. He also said “Moors look your best” C.M. Bey’s student told the Premier “Moors are thinking in the thousands when they should be thinking in the millions”. – A student of C.M.Bey He was asked for his name to remain private but there are Clock of Destiny Temple member as a witness

Solve your Economic and Social Problem

This is one of the main reasons the Moorish College was established. Moors are to solve their economic concerns in order to solve their social problems. “The history of civilization shows that no people can rise to a high degree of mental or even moral excellence without wealth”- Old Guards. This should be the focus of every moor, especially members in the Clock of Destiny Temple and College at home and abroad. The Prophet and his forerunner, the Honorable Marcus Garvey manifested economics. Our constitutional Law Giver as many Moors call Moses, Charles Mosley Bey advocated Economics. Elijah Pool Bey AKA Elijah Muhammad (Read the autobiography of Malcolm X) advocated economics. Clock of Destiny members must live and set examples of nobility, service with economics.

Words of the Constitutional Lawgiver
“All of Clock of Destiny Moorish history is the supreme science of the 12 signs of the zodiac law and constitution upon which civilization is founded. So remain with the Clock of Destiny Moorish History classes for out of this Moorish history school come the 144.000 guidance of the cultural Moorish nation of the north gate of the zodiac universe known today as the United States of North America- Words of C.M. Bey”.

Yes, it is my responsibility to teach the lessons of C.M. Bey to those that have chosen themselves to assist me in uplifting fallen humanity; spiritually, economically, socially and politically.

Words of Wisdom

“Says the author and founder,C.M. Bey; since the so called Negro initiated Masons and Eastern Stars has been under a death oath to keep and protect the Great Secret which they never had, it was my God-Given assignment to write Clock of Destiny Books and Documents Plus Credentials. And establish Clock of Destiny Moorish Birthrights School of the Great Seal of 360 degrees of Masonry with the Library of Congress and with the Department of Justice, Washington 25, and D.C. In order that those unfortunate so-called Negro Initiated Masons and Eastern Stars could have the golden opportunity to enroll in the Clock of Destiny School to obtain more wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Great Seal Secret of our Supreme Law and science of 360 degrees of Masonry, from which shall enable them to become truly free Moorish Americans, Master Masons and Eastern Stars for their first time in history since 1776-1789”.

This was a two paged document, however I could not tell you everything because it was reserved for the ears of its members, however, let it be known that C.M. Bey looked more to the Masons and Eastern Stars to solve this problem along with other members of the Clock of Destiny, because they will be able to relate faster to what he was revealing. This is why Clock of Destiny Says “especially for initiated Masons and Easter Stars”. That does not exclude the 150.000,000 Moors, but he knew that a traveling Brother or Sister will be especially helpful in the Clock of Destiny Great Work. Take the time out and read Clock of Destiny Vol. 2 closely. All members of the Clock of Destiny should read this carefully and let’s work in unity to revive and save the nation.

Clock of Destiny Moorish Representative

Clock of Destiny members in the Moorish Temple and College founded by C.M. Bey and the Premier MUST always remember that we are Clock of Destiny Representative and our purpose is recoded in our materials and reiterated at meetings and on conference calls. One of the purposes is noted below by C.M. Bey:

“In order for them to be sent to Washington, D.C. as qualified cultural representatives of the Moorish Nation of North America.

But in order for that particular group to become well qualified, it is therefore necessary that they discipline themselves so as to eliminate from their minds desire for zodiac mystery, hypocrisy, false history, envy, jealousy, fame, popularity, prestige, short cut schemes and selfish power to dominate. Otherwise, they can never become qualified as dedicated Clock of Destiny Moorish Representatives”.

This stands true today among members of the Clock of Destiny International College of the Great Seal and the Clock of Destiny Temple. If ANY member goes contrary to this saying and article 3 and 6 in the Moorish Constitution then they are no longer members of this August Body.


We, the members of this Moorish Constitution National Order of the Great Seal, must promote organized effort in the category of all legal business enterprises such as: Chain stores of necessary human consumption; housing and building programs; agriculture; printing; literature; home group education in the Moorish Science of the Zodiac involving human character, sociology, economics, commerce, the science of good government, etc.

The above is taken from C.M.Bey’s Preamble. This is why the Premier is adamant about being industrious. Also every member of the Clock of Destiny should be devising ways to apply one or two of the above economic ideas in their state/ and Country.

If you are in North America and you would like to see a Moorish Government develop from the Clock of Destiny based on civics then consider the below departments and email Clock of Destiny with your name, telephone and email. You must first become an official member of the Clock of Destiny.

1. Health Department: Must have a certification or license.
2. Economic Department: Must have a degree in economics
3. Vital Statistic Department: Must have secretary skills, managerial skills
4. Law Department: Must have a paralegal certification with experience or/and law degree.
5. Moorish Consulate: Vice Council: Must have a law degree, economics and a course in international relations.
6. Governor of the State: Bey or El: Sociology, leadership skills and a BA with relative courses.
7.Minister of Religious Affairs: If you are an adept from the religious portion of the Moorish Science Temple of America with proof you are welcome.

All candidates are subject to a background check: Based on the offense will determine. Rape, unjustifiable murder and robbery are automatic denial. All offense under age 16 is disregarded. All findings will be kept confidential.

Please note that there are other departments for consideration but at this time the above takes precedence.

The Premier will be applying his study in Government from materials he learned while in the United Kingdom.

The Premises of the Moorish Great Seal Government is to:
1. Raise the Moorish Nation to an economic, social and political standard with the nations of the world.
2. To protect the interest of the women and children in the nation.
3. To work with other nations for the benefit of fallen humanity.


We are thinking Nationhood and not group. If you feel and know that you can contribute to this lofty cause please let’s begin the process. Let’s show and prove.

Nobility and Honor

This is a Chapter that was not included in Circle Seven from the book “Unto Thee I Grant” but we feel that it is necessary that it is revealed based on the time and its original source.

Fine nobility resideth not but in the Soul; nor is true honour except in goodness.
Crimes cannot exalt the man who commits them to real glory; neither can gold make men noble.

When titles are the reward of virtue, when he is set on high who hath served his country, he who bestoweth the honours has glory like as he who receiveth them; and the world is benefited by it.

Wouldst thou wish to be raised for men know not what? Or wouldst thou that they should say, “Why is this?”

When the virtues of the hero descend to his children, his titles accompany them well; but when he who possesseth them is unlike unto him who deserveth them, lo, do they not call him degenerate?

Hereditary honour is accounted the most noble; but reason speaketh in the cause of him who hath acquired it.

He who, meritless himself, appealeth to the actions of his ancestors for his greatness, is like the thief who claimeth protection by flying to the pagod.

What good is it to the blind that his parents could see? What benefit is it to the dumb that his grandfather was eloquent? Even so, what is it to the mean that their predecessors were noble?

A mind disposed to virtue maketh great the possessor of it; and without titles it will raise him above the vulgar. He will acquire the honour while others receive it: and will he not say unto them, “such were the men whom you glory in being derived from”?

As the shadow waiteth on the substance, even so true honour attendeth upon goodness.

Say not that honour is the child of boldness, nor believe that the hazard of life alone can pay the price of it: it is not to the action that it is due, but to the manner of performing it.

All are not called to the guiding of the helm of state; neither are their armies to be commanded by every one: do well in that which is committed to thy charge, and praise shall remain upon thee.

Say not that difficulties are necessary to be conquered, or that labour and danger must be in the way to renown. The woman who is chaste, is she not praised? The man who is honest, deserveth he not to be honoured?

The thirst of fame is violent; the desire of honour is powerful; and He who gave them to us gave them for great purposes.

When desperate actions are necessary to the public, when our lives are to be exposed for the good of our country, what can add force to virtue but ambition?

It is not the receiving honour that delighteth the noble mind; its pride is the deserving of it.

Is it not better men should say. “Why hath not this man a statue?” than that they should ask why he hath one?

The ambitious will always be first in the crowd; he presseth forward, he looketh not behind him. More anguish is it to his mind to see one before him, than joy to leave thousands at a distance.

The root of ambition is in every man, but it riseth not in all: fear keepeth it down in some; in many it is suppressed by modesty.

Honour is the inner garment of the Soul, the first thing put on by it with the flesh, and the last it layeth down at its separation from it.

It is an honour to thy nature when worthily employed: when thou directest it to the wrong purposes, it shameth and destroyeth thee.

In the breast of the traitor, ambition is covered: hypocrisy hideth its face under her mantle; cool dissimulation furnisheth with smooth words; but in the end men shall see what it is.

The serpent loseth not his sting though benumbed by the frost; the tooth of the viper is not broken though the cold closeth his mouth; take pity on his state and he will show thee his spirit; warm him in thy bosom, and he will requite thee with death.

He that is truly good loveth virtue for itself; he disdaineth the applause which ambition aimeth after.

How pitiable were the state of goodness if she could not be happy but from another’s praise! She is too noble to seek recompense, and no more will than can be rewarded.

The higher the sun ariseth, the less shadow doth he cast; even so the greater is the goodness, the less doth it covet praise; yet cannot avoid its rewards in honours.

Glory, like a shadow, flieth him who pursueth it; but it followeth at the heels of him who would fly from it: if thou courtest it without merit, thou shalt never attain unto it; if thou deservest it, though thou hidest thyself, it will never forsake thee.

Pursue that which is honourable, do that which is right, and the applause of thine own conscience will be more joy to thee than the shouts of millions who know not that thou deservest them.

Moorish School of the Great Seal

This letter is revealed for the first time due to several questions asked and so it was approved to put it up. This will let you know how come C.M. Bey’s materials are in several hands. After he exiled members they duplicated the works and started their own organizations. We cannot control the situation. At this time the Clock of Destiny has no odds with any of the remaining groups. There are many moors that received the package that the Premier received from the Late Dumas Bey at the table. This same document is in those packages.

Effective June 2d, 1968

Says C.M. Bey: Law cannot excuse blind ignorance such as bigotry and insubordination. This Decree must be read in all meetings regardless of friendship sympathy.

1. James John Bey (founder of the Circle of Mothers and Sons)
2. Kelley Grines El
3. Mary Turner Bey
4. David Turner Bey
5. Carl Porter Bey (Founder of the Web of Destiny)
6. Julius Pettus Bey
7. All of whom have been expelled by law from Clock of Destiny Moorish School of the Great Seal, because of bigotry and insubordination, which therefore prevent their membership to be reinstated, and neither can they be permitted to attend Clock of Destiny classes.
8. Law must take its course of Justice regardless as to what others might say, think or believe, said C.M. Bey. The Clock of Destiny Zodiac- Constitution Law giver of the Great Seal without mercy for violators. Yes, Law must take its course of Justice- Said: C.M. Bey

Also pursuant to C.M. Bey By-laws “Clock of Destiny Order of the Great Seal By-Laws are set forth here, effective 1969 March, 16th”.


“There is no other Clock of Destiny Moorish –Constitution School authorized by C.M. Bey.…”

These By-Laws are also in the same package mentioned above. In addition, those moors that are in possession of the package if you look for the page with C.M. Bey in a chair with no Fez on you will see he also called the order “Moorish National Order of the Great Seal”.

There was a time a great division happened with the Prophet and Moses regarding the movement. But now we are in 2015 moving onward, and we all need to amend our ways and get on with the work. We MUST learn to put our egos to the side and always determine our movements based on the success we desire for our next generation on an economic, social and political level.

Special note:

The Premier and his Council of three are willing to sit with any Moorish Heads on official business. The one’s that has a voice. No deputies, only where our authority is determined should be there. In a better sense, decision makers. The discussions desired are Unity and Economics. Our meeting place should be a central place and arrangements are in an official capacity. We will only meet if it is all arranged in with purpose. Moors are clean, noble and business oriented. If these fundamentals are not heeded then maybe a meeting can be arranged at a later date. Our Premier is busy building the by way of Divine Law. We wish not to waste his time unless it is in line with the plan.


These are the precise words of Charles Mosley Bey. Many moors besides member of the Clock of Destiny Moorish National Order of the Great Seal and the Clock of Destiny College of the Great Seal are not aware of this or refuse to reveal this truth in order to propagate extreme sovereignty doctrine. C.M. Bey understood what part and partial meant as taught by one of his teachers, the Prophet Noble Drew Ali.