Clock of Destiny 1947

The Clock of Destiny National Order of the Great Seal was officially reactivated on November 11, 1994.
1. You must have the Bey or El officially attached to your name. No other sir names are accepted based on C.M.Bey’s Moorish Constitution.

2. You must be referred by another member who is financial with their dues even if you are in the Moorish College of the Great Seal.

3. Your basic life conditions must be settled at home. It is hard to function in an organization when your home base is not stable financially or socially.

4. If you have any criminal or civil matters you are to close them out before being approved. All criminal matters are subject for review.

5. Based on C.M.Bey’s by-laws you cannot belong to a subversive group.

6. You must be willing to work on behalf of the nation. If not you will not be considered.

7. Business, Law, geography and Moorish history are essential studies for our progress.

8. You MUST have a professional certification or/and a BA degree with a GPA of at least 2.9.

9. You must take on a responsibility in Clock of Destiny business affairs or Law. If you do not qualify in this area then you Must partake in our Social Action Committee or/and sit among the affairs of men.

What about the Clock of Destiny Nationality Card?

This card pertains to a private organization that has been copyrighted with the Moorish Zodiac Constitution since 1994. These were revised cards prepared by C.M. Bey. The original Clock Cards were removed from the Library of Congress by C.M. Bey. In summary: As a private organization it does not concern the public. As C.M. Bey said on his original legal guide- ‘Members Only’.

Clock of Destiny Moorish Zodiac Great Seal Constitution:

This is C.M.Bey’s Moorish Constitution for members only and it does not pertain to other Moorish groups. This same document has been re-copyrighted in 1994 with the Moorish Nationality Card. Several agencies have been notified of this concern due to forgery and imposters pursuant to Article 6 of the Clock of Destiny Moorish Zodiac Constitution. It is very important that the Clock of Destiny Supreme Grand Body and its members continue to protect Clock of Destiny Work and AA…