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C.M. Bey - Founder

The ‘Clock of Destiny’ Moorish International Order of the Great Seal of 360 degrees is a resurrection of the Moorish Masons of the ancient ones. We are a body of Men and Women of various orders namely, Masons (Mechanics), Eastern Stars, Rosicrucians, Buffaloes, Druids, Shriners etc., claiming their Moorish Birthrights as Free Born Moorish Americans (Master Masons) and Free Born Moorish Eastern Stars that cannot be made over again.

We are dedicated to the upliftment of fallen humanity by applying the strong grip of the fifth Zodiac Sign, the Lion’s Paw to raise the consciousness of the People. We study natural and spiritual laws, esoteric symbolism, natal & judicial astrology, and zodiac-masonry.  Our goal is to further the evolution of humanity around the world by developing the full potential of each individual. Our goal is to enable every Moorish Mason to live in harmony with Divine Law and assist them in solving their social, economic and political problem as a natural person and nation.

To achieve this Divine vision, the Clock of Destiny offers the world Divine Instructions and practical guidance for self study while discovering the inner meaning of the first book of God (the Universe). Our studies are based on the universal symbols of Moorish Science of old that many secret societies adopted in modern times. The old order was the Moorish Sabeans.  It was the Moorish nation that established great civilizations ever known to man.  It was the Moors that protected and spread Kemetic studies to the world. Yes, even the Knights Templars were students under the Moors. We have resurrected the Moorish Order since 1947 and now reopened the gates to the world.

Our teachings include, but not limited to: Moorish history, Knights Templar and its relationship to the Moors based on the ancient doctrine.  The law of motion and rhythm, auras, vibrations, ancient and practical astrology, alchemy, the art of the Magi, the master within, the forbidden books of Jesus and the application of  the spirit and much more.  This supreme wisdom was once preserved by the mystery schools in ancient Kemet, but now it remains and protected by the hands of the Moors in North America and abroad, members of the Clock of Destiny. As the modern day Masonic Orders diminishes based on the stars, the fountain of water has been consumed.  Membership is lacking because the lodges, etc. are beginning to darken. The Moorish Americans (Master Masons) once again will restore civilization based on the five symbols of universal law as recorded in the universe and not tampered by man in his finite state. We are living in an age where women must take their rightful place with their sons (Widow’s Son) and no longer be excluded from the cosmos contrary to the first book in which secret societies have practiced for years in defiance to the polarity of the universe and planets.

The Clock of Destiny consist of Moorish Masons throughout North, Central and South America, eventually around the world, in what was formerly known as the Ottoman Empire (Moorish Rule).  Another Objective is to restore the Moorish Birthrights to all moors referred to in this day and time as; negro, black, colored, ‘white’ Jew etc. whom is traveling east, due to the fact these labels are modern terms placed on them by colonial settlers which have no history. The last ruling power was the Moorish Empire and the above labels were placed on them after their colonization. By restoring the Moorish Birthrights to the world it would remind everyone of their great achievements and would encourage them (Moorish Masons) to reestablish the Moorish Science and Culture in the world by the proper use of the Square, Compasses with the letter ‘G' from an operative perspective guided by spirituality and Divine law.

Clock of Destiny

Moorish National Order of the Great Seal

Family Crest



This family crest has been protected by copyright law and worn by the faithful and sincere Moorish members in the Clock of Destiny, that teaches, or industrious and supports the Clock of Destiny to the end. We strongly desire that one day you earn the right to wear such a Crest. This crest you cannot ask for, you can only be recommended based on the four points of your perfect interest.



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Says CM. Bey, "Now it can behold to those who are struggling for the science of the 12 signs of the zodiac. It goes like this: All of Clock of Destiny Moorish history is the supreme science of the 12 signs of the Zodiac law and constitution upon which civilization is founded.

So Remain with Clock of Destiny Moorish history classes for out of this Moorish history school come the 144000 guidance of the cultural Moorish nation of the North Gate of the zodiac universe known today as the United States of North America.

Vadi Mikum Moorish American

CMBey  Immanuel Muali"

Clock Of Destiny Moorish International Order Of The Great Seal Of 360°