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Tier 1

Our Tier 1 System is a correspondence course based on self mastery, concentration and the use of the will etc. It is based on Ancient Masonry as far back as Khemet. Modern day Masonry teaches that it makes good men better men. Our degree system assists men and women in unfolding their inner divinity while integrating their outer person with the God/Goddess, namely the God within. Modern masonry teaches that you are in search of light on the outside of self by elevating through a degree system. When you arrive to your 2nd level (there are five levels) you will physically see and feel that light within while you are in your sanctum termed the true middle chamber. As you continue to grow into your studies you will learn to apply that light as you advance in your sacred studies. When you arrive to the 47th lesson thereafter you will actually see the physical light in the darkness based on our instructions. This will not be symbolic, but real.

Many Neophytes never make it to the first level. The reasons vary. One reason is due to inconsistency of spirit and ill intentions. Nonetheless that remains a karma that they must work out in this lifetime.

Membership: A Neophyte is not officially a member until he/she reaches the 13th lesson. At that time they will receive a membership card at their request.  Also they will be eligible for the Clock of Destiny College lapel Pin (Donation $15 which goes for other products in the name of the Clock of Destiny).  After receiving their membership card they must complete it with a passport photo and mail in a copy.  Membership is based on the completion of all required lessons submitted showing their progress.

Our System consists of 49 lessons for the initiated and uninitiated. These lessons are one of the requirements at some point for the Acolytes and Neophytes in order to best qualify for future initiation in the Moorish International Order of the Great Seal. Initiation can only be obtained during convention time and based on your interaction on conference call and consistent study and report submission.

Advanced Lessons: You will receive advance lessons and exercises at no fee that pertain to your studies to increase your ability to create greater results.- however, please take note that it is based on the level you are on and the consistency of your studies along with the particular concern in life you may have.

Your Initiation consists of the Alchemy degree that will qualify you to enter lodges and temples overseas. The ceremony is strictly conducted by members with traveling experience. Also, you will be instructed on how to properly meet other members in our temples abroad as Moors, specifically associated within our Supreme Grand Body. In addition, you will be conducted in the Beth-El Grand Lodge of the Independent United Order of Mechanics, S.H. Friendly Society Act. This Grand Body was authorized by the Premier that received a warrant from the Supreme Grand Executive Council out of Guyana to set up a Grand Body here in the States. The degrees provided will allow you to travel anywhere in the world and be recognized. Only members that arrive between the 2nd and 3rd level will be entitled based on their due diligence in their studies. You will receive a letter from the Adept Council of Three, Five, Seven or Nine if you were chosen. Everyone is selected based on character and their moral standards.


     To qualify for the adept chamber one prerequisite is that you arrive to the 34th lesson. There is a reason. So please study faithfully. We are not allowed to mention names, but we must report to all concerned. Many members that passed the 2nd level and applied our adept lessons have achieved employment, finance and better family relationships. They are able to deal with life conditions better than before. They are able to communicate with forces and feel them through their travel. Usually experiences in their lives have developed and we thank all for being faithful to these studies. One's experience is their own. Just as a person’s life journey may vary to another. You pass through different schools of science as you continue to develop and you realize that the Clock of Destiny College of the Great Seal has the Keys to pass to you, but you have the answers to your salvation, here and on the soul plane.




Tier 2


 Reclamation & Vital Statistics Department:

This 2nd tier is only for those that have a desire to reclaim their Moorish nationality. For more information on this subject please click the link- Reclamation Process.



All enrollees, especially those that arrived at lesson 10 are encouraged to attend our Annual Convention (you are always notified via email). In the future we will set up College Temples in other jurisdictions; therefore we encourage all sincere moors to attend so that we all may get to know one another while working in unity.

The Council of Three has met and they have decided to provide certificates after the third level by March 2014.  Also they have decided to issue Identification Cards and Lapel Pins (lapel pins may require a donation of $15).  All members that passed the 13th lesson will receive Certificates and Identification cards upon request.  However, every member will receive additional lessons once they arrive at lesson 13 pertaining to the five symbols (if you have not received such material please notify the Clock of Destiny and we will verify your information and follow up with you).  The lapel can only be requested by those members that arrived at lesson 13. The sir name Bey or El is not required but good character is.

You will also be able to wear the Great headdress known among Masons and the world, namely the Red Fez that was worn by our ancient Forefathers-Moors. Other rights, privileges and lessons will be sent to you during the completion of your course.  All members that enroll into this program will be given homework assignments and field experiments in order to show proficiency in their studies. Some lessons do not require homework, but it will require mental reflection.



The requirements are not unreasonable. The Moorish College is composed of practical men and women of all shades, black, brown, yellow, red and white. Truth, spirituality, Soul development or being godlike does not discriminate. You can be a Japanese, Scottish, German, Irish, African American, Latino etc; the spirit does not have a nationality. You must be possessed of sane business reason, spiritual attainment and for the upliftment of fallen humanity from a social, economic and political prospective. It presupposes that all seekers are just and fair and that they recognize the two great Laws: The Law of Compensation and The God within. Understanding that if we change how we think we improve on our life conditions, while affecting our community in a positive way. The monetary requirements connected with the work are such only as experience has shown to be essential to cover legitimate expenses. There are neither monthly nor yearly dues to meet these expenses during the process of achievement at this time. After arriving to the 2th level a minimum donation will be asked to keep the college perpetual based on your ability to give.



The initial enrollment in the college requires that an application covenant be signed and a donation of $25.00 is made out for one individual. If Husband (spouse) or Wife enrolls the donation will be $35.00. Once the application of $35 is completed then the next step is to request your first lesson for $13 (when you sign up, you need to order your first lesson it is noted on this same page below). Once you request the first lesson, you will also receive two complimentary lessons. All answers to your lessons must be submitted to  The chairperson or his assistant will ensure that your answers are correct. Once you submit your answers you can request your next lesson. No more than two lessons a month is allowed. Also please note if you do not receive a response regarding certain lessons it’s because it was approved.

Once the donation is made, the application and introductory material will automatically appear for download (ensure popup blockers are disabled for this to work).  Any concerns with downloads of application, please let us know. Also take due notice that all lesson request will take around three (3) days to be sent to you.



Application Enrollment - Individual $25
Application Enrollment (Individual and Spouse) $35

All lessons can be requested via Paypal:

Enter Lesson # (1 - 49)

The First lesson must be purchased once you complete the enrollment process ($13). You automatically receive two complementary lesson once lesson 1 is purchased.

So that all errors may be avoided and excuses rendered void, it is necessary that all applicants possess a thorough knowledge of the philosophy taught by the Clock of Destiny. This necessitates that the aspirant procure and study the following:

1.      Clock of Destiny Book 1. $13
2.      Clock of Destiny Book 2. $13
3.      Your Master Key to Civilization Book 3 $20
4.      Sayings of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali $7

Depending on your location, shipping fees will vary. For example, there are members in Europe.

No sincere Aspirant can afford to be without these books. The above books are the foundation in which the Clock of Destiny College and Clock of Destiny Moorish International Order Temples are founded on. We feel that the value of these books is far greater than their cost and that a study of their contents will amply repay the out lay, whether or not the reader enters the college.

Book Orders:

Also please note that all book orders take place within three days of the request. There will be times your order will go out the same day, other times the 2nd Day. But always keep in mind it is always within three days. If you have not received it within seven (7) days please email Please be patient as we have a very short staff however; 2014 will be a great achievement for all.



Each lesson requires $13 (U.S) donation. After a certain lesson you will be required to send in the results of your demonstration. We also provide other lessons for your advancement in the Great Work. All members of the college must know that the Clock of Destiny is an applied science via demonstration, right thinking, and application. We MUST show and prove and not show and tell. If you cannot use what you learn then how can you benefit from it?  C.M. Bey, the founder of the Moorish National Order of the Great seal in 1947 focused on solving of your economic, social and political problem in North America and abroad. The College of the Great Seal has been designed by the Clock of Destiny Moorish National Order of the Great Seal Supreme Grand Council to continue its mission.


Click here for further explanation of the 49 lessons

If you are interested in joining the Clock of Destiny Temple, click here.


If you cannot purchase any of the materials listed using a credit card, send an email to for more information.


Clock of Destiny Moorish National Order of the Great Seal Founded by Charles Mosley Bey in 1947.



1.         We, the members of this Moorish Constitution National Order of the Great Seal, must promote organized effort in the category of all legal business enterprises such as: Chain stores of necessary human consumption; housing and building programs; agriculture; printing; literature; home group education in the Moorish Science of the Zodiac involving human character, sociology, economics, commerce, the science of good government, etc.


We, the Moorish-American members of the National Constitution Order of the Great Seal and also the European Americans of the “White” People Union Society of the 50 states, equally depend upon one another for economic security and progress in peace.



“Whereas it seems wise and good that men and women of ambition, refinement, and self-respect should seek the society of each other, both for mutual benefit and to be an example of the higher type of manhood.

Be it resolved that our society be organized for the purpose of binding men and women of like qualities into a close, sacred, ordering union, that they may know the best of one another, and that each in this life may to his full ability aid the other, and by concerted action bring about those things that seem best for all that cannot be accomplished by the individual effort.” Passed down to the Premier


The Clock of Destiny National Order of the Great Seal was officially reactivated in October of 2013.


1.    You must have the Bey or El officially attached to your name. No other sir names are accepted based on C.M.Bey’s Moorish Constitution.

2.    You must be referred by another member who is financial with their dues even if you are in the Moorish College of the Great Seal.

3.    Your basic life conditions must be settled at home. It is hard to function in an organization when your home base is not stable financial or socially.

4.    If you have any criminal or civil matters you are to close them out before being approved. All criminal matters are subject for review.

5.    Based on C.M.Bey’s by-laws you cannot belong to a subversive group.

6.    You must be willing to work on behalf of the nation. If not you will not be considered.

7.    Business, Law, geography and Moorish history are essential studies for our progress.

8.    You MUST have a professional certification or/and a BA degree with a GPA of a 2.9.

9.    You must take on a responsibility in business affairs or Law. If you do not qualify in this area then you Must partake in our Social Action Committee or/and sit among the affairs of men.

What about the Clock of Destiny Nationality Card?  This card pertains to a private organization that has been copyrighted with the Moorish Zodiac Constitution since 1994. These were revised cards prepared by C.M. Bey. The original Clock Cards were removed from the Library of Congress by C.M. Bey.  In summary: As a private organization it does not concern the public. As C.M. Bey said on his original legal guide- ‘Members Only’.

Clock of Destiny Moorish Zodiac Great Seal Constitution: This is C.M.Bey’s Moorish Constitution for members only and it does not pertain to other Moorish groups. This same document has been re-copyrighted in 1994 with the Moorish Nationality Card. Several agencies have been notified of this concern due to forgery and imposters pursuant to Article 6 of the Clock of Destiny Moorish Zodiac Constitution. It is very important that the Clock of Destiny Supreme Grand Body and its members continue to protect Clock of Destiny Work and AA...




Clock Of Destiny Moorish International Order Of The Great Seal Of 360°