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Moorish Reclamation and Vital Statistics Bureau of the Great Seal



What is the origin of the Bureau?

The Bureau is a governmental arm of the Moorish Islamic Federal Government of the Great Seal.  A project deriving from the Clock of Destiny Order preamble founded by Charles Mosley Bey and presented to the Premier et al by the late Joseph Dumas Bey, Minister of Law and student of C.M. Bey.


The mission is to offer Moorish Nationality and Birthrights to all Asiatics referred to as black, colored, Latino, Indian, West Indian, Jew etc. There are many people that have no desire in joining an organization or religious group.  That is their priority under the free national constitution.  The idea is clear; if a natural person seeks to get nationalized or link to their divine creed and birthrights they would enter a country, go to the office or file necessary papers online.  At this point their nationality process will begin.  They would not seek the nearest African church,  Scottish temple etc.  They will seek a body politic.  Well, this same principle applies to our system in formation.  They will have to apply online and at some point be interviewed.

Does this have anything to do with the Clock of Destiny or Moorish Science Temples?

No! The members involved are from the Clock of Destiny and the only thing used is C.M.Bey’s preamble and the term “Order of Islam” whereby it gives us a foundation to better serve humanity on a national level. Government and other programs are mentioned.  We are working on varies projects.  This happens to be one out of three projects in formation.  This concept is strongly directed on nationality/Moorish lineage. However, we expect grocery stores, schools, transportation services etc.  Some services will be for all humanity and some will be exclusively for the Moorish Americans.  Just as the Jew has their community, Indian (from India) folks have theirs, Latino theirs.  One time we had ours: Moorish civilizations, Rosewood in Florida, Black Wall Street, St. Augustus in Florida, Maroon Communities, Seven City of Gold, The honorable Elijah Muhammad program.  Even though they had their own community they did not leave others out.  Looking at the Moorish community, we feel that our program is vital and essential for the betterment of our new born and unborn.

We hold no relevancy to the Moorish Science Temples.  Church and State is separate in several countries, and so the same applies today with our System of Government.  The majority of countries respect religious institutions.  Our System for economic, social and political progress is structured on similar principles.  We respect all religions and we honor all divine prophets.

Can we change our name?

You are free to change your name or just add the Bey or El or other sir names that we recognize.  But you cannot do it under fraud or deception. We are a moral system with Islamic standards of professionalism and therefore, all registered members must come with clean hands.

What is the Origin of the Moorish Nationality Card issued by the Bureau?

The Nationality and Identification Card was applied in 1994 under the Moorish Consulate when the Premier was the Ambassador of the Moorish Nation receiving consultations from Ambassador Charles Flemings of St. Lucia.  The Moors were not ready at that time and so the consulate went defunct.  Nonetheless, it is being reissued under the Moorish Reclamation and Vital Statistics Bureau until further notice.  The Nationality Card is protected by Federal Law.


What is the Process in Reclaiming my Moorish Nationality?

A step by step process is noted below:

1/ You MUST have respect for the Federal, State and County laws of the land.  That includes and not limited to: forgery, fraud, illegal schemes, peace breaking and drug selling.

2/ Before commencing the process it is important that you study up on the Moorish Nation.  Therefore, said books and DVD’s are mandatory: Clock of Destiny Vol. 1 and 2, Moorish Guide by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali, J.A. Rogers’ Nature Knows No Color Line, Ivan Van Sertima’s Golden Age of the Moors.  DVD by the Premier on your status under Amendment 14 (It will be ready December 2013) and DVD ‘Pros and Cons of Sovereignty’. Also you need a copy of the Moroccan Treaty of 1787 along with the Unites States Constitution (study the first seven articles and the 10 Bill of rights).  Keep in mind that the Dey of Algiers had an influence on the seven articles.  Also note that the 10 Bill of Rights originally applied to Europeans only.  When it was written it was not for people of ‘color.’

*How could you consider being a member of a community or society and not have any knowledge of its history.  Therefore, it is important that these prerequisites are met.

3/ After you have met these requirements you are to email Ashley El, Minister of Vital Statistics ( regarding your interest and why you would like to reclaim your Moorish birthrights.  You must leave your contact number for initial interview.  All emails will be responded to in a professional way and if any email submitted inappropriately they will be ignored.

4/ If approved an application will be attached with the necessary fees. The fees include: Certificate of registration and Nationality Card with instructions on adding the sir name, There is also an Administrative processing fee: Total is $60.

5/There will be a $25 annual assessment fee due every March for the maintenance and support of this department.

6/ There are annual Conventions held every March.  All Registered members are encouraged to attend for an update regarding our Economic, Social and political developments.


What are the Benefits of Registering with the Vital Statistics Department?

1/ If it is necessary to verify your status with a Federal, State or County agency while you are proceeding to add the Bey or El (you have 1 year to complete the process) or if you complete the process we will notify the agency in writing.

2/ Only while you are in the process we will support your position or when you finalize the Sir name. The reason is because many people today are using two names. One is Moorish and they are doing business in their honorable name.  This is due to the Patriot influence.  Therefore, we have set our guidelines to better protect all registered members.

What if I Already Have a Sir Name and Nationality Card from a Moorish Group?

1/ You would have to provide proof of Sir Name that is reflected on a State or Federal I.D.

2/ You must still qualify via Phone Interview.  If we have any further questions you will be requested to have a face to face.

3/ Again, Church/Temple are separate regarding nationality card; however if you have a nationality card from any other organization besides Moorish Science Temples or Clock of Destiny you are required to denounce its card.


What other Documents does the Moorish Reclamation and Vital Statistics Bureau offer?

All documents provided are:

a/ Moorish Nationality and Identification Card (Includes registration and certificate of Status along with processing fee) $60

b/ Birth Certificates. (for new borns only) $15

c/ Death Certificates (for the recording of all Moors that returned to the soul plane.) $15

Address and Location:

We have a physical address, contact number and fax number that will only be submitted to agencies upon verification of your Moorish status. The reason privacy is provided at this time is because the Moorish community has attracted many undesirables and in order to avoid any inappropriate behavior or dealings at this time we decided to govern our affairs accordingly.

 Thanks to all and we look forward reviving the nation on the principles of:


Freedom, Progress, Human Equality, Justice, Peace & Culture



Clock Of Destiny Moorish International Order Of The Great Seal Of 360°