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Many have emailed the Moorish College regarding joining the Clock of Destiny Temple. In this section we would like to note its requirement based on C.M. Bey and the Premier. Please review below:

1.      Based on C.M. Bey’s by-laws you MUST complete a 12 week course to be considered. Until then you will not receive a nationality card or temple card. However, we do provide a temple card after you complete 13 lessons in the Moorish college of the Great Seal, even though this does not qualify you for the temple.

2.      Based on the Premier, the Moorish College of the Great Seal is also one of the requirements after arriving at a certain lesson that goes beyond the 13th lesson.

3.      To qualify for the temple through the Moorish College you MUST show persistence in your studies, provide the necessary reports when due. Failing on your part may disqualify you for temple membership. We look for discipline, patience; follow up, building report with other members, community ideas and the five principles. Our gate keeper knows the progress of every member and the lessons they are on. How often they been back and forth through the years, who dropped off etc. This is looked at and is reported to the Premier. One is measured by the merits of what they do and not what they are not doing.

4.      Also for members to join the Temple they must be recommended by another member of the temple in good standards (Standards mean noble behavior, active in membership and being industrious for self, family and the organization. There are no dues involved only the demonstration of the work). We want quality and NOT quantity. Also because you are recommended it does not mean that you will pass our process for membership.

5.      Community: You must show that you are community oriented. Have a professional certification or college degree. If you don’t have either one you MUST show that you have had a career job with life experience. This demonstrates to us that you have been progressive in life and responsible for self. You exemplify being industrious and you have valued education. Our Nation needs educated buildings and nothing less. Our Moorish Material state that we our ‘Active and not Passive’- Moorish Guide by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali. Also when you read C.M. Bey Clock of Destiny books you should mark how many times he valued education.

6.      If you attend to illegal schemes in violation of the Moorish Constitution Article 3 and 6 you will NOT qualify. We cannot allow anyone to bring shame to the Clock of Destiny Temple or College of the Great Seal. If you have a felony this may disqualify you. Murder, rape, Domestic Violence, and child abuse would automatically disqualify you. Also if you conspire to overthrow this Federal or State Government you will not meet our requirements.

7.      Why Such Strict rules? First of all the first section of C.M. Bey’s preamble notes businesses. Therefore, imagine having business minded men and women as members and not people that do not have professional ethics and a skills set. You cannot give value if you don’t have value.

8.      Also it appears that many people that claim to be moors joined to escape criminal charges or attempt to violate the law of the land. Some even try to use Noble Drew Ali and C.M. Bey Doctrines to prevent deportation, mortgage scandals via patents. If you observe the majority of them you will see that they use sovereignty UCC by declaring that they are a Bey or El when their driving license or federal passport still has their Christian prefix and sir name of a denizen. In summary, many of them don’t have Bey or El at the end of their first name. Also they don’t even own a fez. This is why we must protect the Moorish Clock of Destiny Temple and College of the Great Seal.

9.      Our Temple Governing body consists of Adepts. We do have a few inactive members but even they are being industrious, in contact and offer their services.

This concludes fundamental requirements for the Clock of Destiny Temple. Members watch your character and make a recommendation.  At this time for example, a member obtained his JD degree and is studying for his LLM very soon. A sister has her degree and is a book publisher while in the process establishing a youth program in her state while maintaining communication and studies. A few members are well advanced in their lessons. These members and others are being considered for the Temple. Again, this is a process.

Some moors that are not members have approached the Premier regarding visiting the Moors in Guyana. Let it be clear that unless you are a member of the Moorish Temple and approved by the Council of Three you will not be allowed to visit. Also if you are a member of the Moorish College of the Great Seal you will be permitted to visit once you are recommended for initiation to qualify for admission.

90% of our members in Guyana are members of Government. We cannot, will not and shall not allow any members to misrepresent the Clock of Destiny Temple or College of the Great Seal. We emphasize professionalism in character and practice. We also have Moorish families that we must provide for and raise to prepare for the next dispensation; if we allow our agenda to be tainted it will set us back for another 50 years. Therefore, the Clock of Destiny Adepts must protect the Clock of Destiny by looking with an eye of scrutiny and qualify and disqualify on site. This applies to our members in Britain and Germany.


Moorish International College of the Great Seal.

We have more of an explanation on the link- Our System. However, this is a summary in progress:

1.      The lessons assist members in solving their economic, social and political problem. This is the main objective.

2.      The lessons are similar to the Rosy Cross order, but we are not termed Rosicrucians. We as moors have our own system of study for higher learning with the same goals, self mastery.

3.      The Moorish College is also set up to unify all faithful Moors on the five principles of the Prophet and the Principles on back of C.M. Cards. This will give all faithful Moors a universal brotherhood and sisterhood.

4.      Our system is also designed to assist Moors in reclaiming their Moorish Nationality.

5.      Industry: Members in the college will be selected or select themselves to establish Moorish Colleges of the Great Seal lodges/Temples in every state and country. Their focus will be high learning with divine experiments and community. There will be no Moorish College Temples/Lodge established without a children program and in economic business endeavor.

6.      The Clock of Destiny books and the Prophet Noble Drew Ali books are mandatory for all members. The Moorish Constitution is not mandatory unless you are interested in studying the law. Some members only will receive a request to order the Clock of Destiny and its manifestation. All moors must keep in mind that the C.M. Bey materials were only for members and not the general public. Therefore, unless you are a member you will not be entitled to certain materials. It is the same in the Adept Chamber of the Moorish Science Temple of America.

7.      The Moorish College Lodges/Temples:  Do not think of a Masonic Lodge because it is not at all. You need seven members (seven planets Read GOD by C.M. Bey once you arrive to lesson 13) from the College to qualify based on our requirements. Also you MUST have a professional certification or BA, LLB, LLM or PhD. To qualify. The prophet said that he was going to allow the government to exist long enough for you to learn government. If you did not obtain the necessary education to be a fisher of men and a builder of the Ark then you are considered passive. In addition, if you demonstrate in a field of industry then you may be considered. Example: There are governmental officials with only a GED; these are Welcome!

You can find more information on the Moorish College of the Great Seal on the link - Our System.


Clock Of Destiny Moorish International Order Of The Great Seal Of 360°