Reclamation and Nationality Process



(Q)- Were you and Your Mother and Father Born in the U.S.A.?

Answer: Yes.

(Q)- How did you become Moorish American?

Answer: I Myself and My Mother and Father are the direct descendants of the Moorish Nation who inhabited the North, Central and the Southern Shores of this Hemisphere before it was named America by the (Dutch Master Pirate Franciscan Priesthood) Revolution between 1789 and the Union of 1863. I am today without a doubt or Contradiction Namely: Moorish. And my law is Geometry and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac referred to as Islam- The law of Nature; the Great Seal.

The Reclamation Process is Hereby Instituted



A. Every student in the Clock of Destiny Moorish College of the Great Seal that is consistent in their studies, and participates in our monthly conference calls, has passed lesson 13 to 14 will be eligible to begin the Moorish Nationality Reclamation Process at anytime. The same applies for those Clock of Destiny neophytes in other countries minus conference calls due to their distance.

B. Reclamation Process:

  1. You must have completed lesson 13 and gone to lesson 14. Which includes that you have completed all reports and sent them in as required to the various Clock of Destiny email addresses provided below?
  2. You MUST submit an updated photo and proof of identification to the Clock of Destiny address along with a hand written letter notarized stating why you would like to reclaim your Moorish Nationality. You must include your email address and contact number.
  3. You must have respect for the Federal State and County laws of the land and/or the country where the same apply. Failing to do so will automatically disqualify you in reclaiming your Moorish Nationality. This is based on Dr. Charles Mosley Bey’s, LLD, Phd. Constitution, Article 3 and 6.

C. After the above steps have been satisfied and received by our Reclamation and Vital Statistics Bureau you will receive an email confirming that your information was received and approved or denied. Afterwards you will be required to access our link (members only link located on the website) in which you will be provided a pass word to enter in order to purchase the necessary documents to commence the process.

Due to some of the agencies within the Union States society methods to prevent moors from adding the Moorish Sir names, we will provide a letter of notice to all concerned to honor the sir name until the process is complete. This is necessary so that a Moor will not be charged having two names under fraud.



– Reclamation form, instructions and administrative fee. $25.00

– Nationality Card. $15

– Affidavit of Nationality and Legal Status $$10

– One Consultation $$30

Total: $107.00

The fees include; administrative, and reproductions of materials along with one personal consultation via phone after materials are purchased. After you make your purchase within 14 days the packaged will be sent to you. You must request the complete package, because every document is relative to the process. The consultation is necessary for your security and to clear up any misunderstandings moving forward.

 Notice: ONLY MEMBERS OF THE MOORISH COLLEGE OF THE GREAT SEAL ARE ENTITLED TO THIS PROCESS. As Clock of Destiny members you can direct all questions regarding nationality to our Supreme Magistrate of Missouri by email. (  Make sure to cc:



In the past many new moors wanted to know how to be sovereign. Many of them believe that taking on the strawman, UCC or AKA they have reclaimed their Moorish rights. With all due respect those practices were never taught by Noble Drew Ali or Dr. C.M.Bey. Therefore, we DO NOT ENGAGE these subjects. Based on prior experience we have decided to screen all processes moving forward for clarification.

 D. Reclaiming Sovereignty:

The Clock of Destiny does not subscribe to the sovereignty citizenship community or movement. To be specific, we do not teach, instruct or propagate driving without a license, separating from the government or any anti government rhetoric as defined by the patriot act. Nor do we profess the strawman or UCC demonstration. Neither do we advocate that Moors or any citizen are diplomats. We do not promote paper terrorism.  If a natural person has a strong desire to practice such teachings it is entirely of their own free will and accord. If they are students of our Clock of Destiny teachings they are NOT permitted to introduce those teachings as part of our program, because they are not.  Based on our Moorish Constitution we have respect for the Federal, State and County laws of the land. We subscribe strictly to Moorish birthrights and we have high respect for the Federal Government.


  1. Do not misunderstanding our disclaimer. Many members are aware of Rome and their practice against the Asiatic. We observe and witness many Roman soldiers (Police) killing the Asiatic male youth, children of mothers and being acquitted , and supported by the several corporations of the Union society while in their public status, and franchise citizens supported by the Dred Scott Decision.


  1. We have read and know of many moors that have been victimized by the Internal Revenue Service as Roman agents to collect on behalf of Caesar against several fundamental laws.


  1. We understand that local police is also collection agencies on behalf of the city and mayor when ticketing your property (car or land vessel) while subjecting you to a driver’s license. In this situation they are wrong on many occasions, when on the other hand if every natural person was given a license or freedom document without education on safely and driving it will place innocent people at risk. Therefore, alternatives are not supported and no one should be neglectful and irresponsible and place others at risk. Charge the Roman soldiers for unconstitutional practice and follow up, especially if you bear one of the civilized titles: Bey, El, Ali, Al, and Dey.



  1. Reclaim your Moorish Birthrights.
  2. Study your Moorish History, science and culture.
  3. If your suffix is a Bey or El under the umbrella of the Clock of Destiny master the Moorish Great Seal Constitution and its application.
  4. Return to the Constitutional fold by studying the Federal Constitution, Treaty Law, International Human rights Law, Criminal Justice
  5. Learn to use their own law against them because they have taken an oath to uphold the United States Constitution, other higher laws of the land and State Constitution.
  6. Study to become a certified paralegal in the area of constitutional law or/ civil litigation in order to know how to sue any quasi governmental official and those in the public sector such as employers.
  7. Do not threaten anyone. File the necessary legal papers correctly, but remember to have finance because one of their methods is to exhaust your pockets in the process.
  8. We know that their are interest groups in the agencies promoting chemical warfare such as GMO, Carrots, beets, similac milk, red, blue dye, nitrite artificial flavor and color etc. . As Moors use your skills to conduct your own research. Once you have it act on the new found knowledge and share it with others.
  9. Do not threaten anyone when they kill our black youth. A solution is to teach and promote the control of the dollar in places like retail stores, banks, public transportation etc. Knowing that the police are from the city agencies and supported by the state we recommend to establish a uniformed practice without violence. There is no need to send out bulletins or move in a group effort. But we should email, and remind others by many means to move in silence. The City and state will lose so much money. They must learn that blacks boycotted and no results, blacks talked and went to church and mosque, but no results. When we hit them in their pockets in the 60’s they listened. Therefore, moors, just as we teach Moorish history, law and economics it behooves us now to teach the controlling of the dollar to replace the killing our black sons.


E. Required Reading Materials:

1. Clock of Destiny Book. Vol. 1 &2

2. Moorish American History Revised.

3. Circle 7 Moorish Koran.

4. Your Master Key to Civilization.

5. Black’s Law Dictionary

6. Moorish Legal Guide-Book

7. Nature Knows No Color Line by J.A. Rogers

F. After you complete establishing your legal position in the Moorish community and being part and parcel of this said government you will have officially registered your name with our vital statistics bureau. This would be the last process.

G. Items 1-4 and 6 are to be purchased via the Clock of Destiny website prior to purchasing your reclamation order. Many of you have already obtained the items as a prerequisite to our study course, and we thank you all! The reason the above materials are essential is because before anyone partake in the affairs of any nation or organization it is appropriate for them to know, and understand the aims and objectives of the organization they may consider. Therefore, the books mentioned are the foundation of the Moorish community of 1913/1947. The legal guide is essential because every member of the Clock of Destiny should study the law and this book gives them the language, form and instructions that should be adjusted based on their state court forms.


H. The above Reclamation Process applies to all members of the Moorish College of the Great Seal. Non members must follow the non member section below.

Non Students and the Reclamation Process:

1. All Asiatic are entitled to a Moorish Nationality through the Reclamation and & Vital Statistics Department. The Nationality card is the same the Premier established under the Moorish Consulate in 1994 and has decided to reinstate it. There are two processes to reclaim your nationality via our system based on your political status. One of those processes is mentioned above for members only. We give you one year to complete the process knowing the complications that are being met with social security administration and motor vehicle in some of the states. We are currently planning a legal action strategy to address the issue. We encourage students and members across the globe to support our position. After you register, you may fail to follow the procedures to add the suffix to be completed by year ending. We will not be able to verify your reclamation process to a federal, state or county agency or public sector at that time because you allowed one year to lapse. If you need more time for just reasons you should email us at the emails provided.

Non Members of the Moorish Community:

1. You are advised to enroll in the Clock of Destiny Moorish College of the Great Seal. Study the 49 lessons until lesson 14. If you have a desire to advance in your lessons you are welcome to do so. Once you have completed lesson 13 then number 1 above must be followed. However, keep in mind that you must notify us by email ( and that you would like to reclaim your Moorish nationality and follow the instructions above. Every student of the Moorish College is not required to reclaim Moorish descent. However we do encourage students. Nonetheless; we leave it up to them to decide. Reclamation is only one benefit if you are enrolled as an option because there will be thousands to support your effort as you build relationships with other members.

2. The Clock of Destiny College introduce the history, culture, science, law, economic concepts, and self developmental principles along with positive branding. Everything that the Clock of Destiny teaches is practical, and the new enrollees and members express their experience for others to know their inner most possibilities while focusing on their occupational careers. Our focus is Brotherhood and Sisterhood as a Clock of Destiny family along with economic security. We are Brothers and Sisters first then come service Also we encourage all members to solve their economic and social problem where one may exist. There are monthly conference calls for all new enrollees and members. Also we convene annually for our Clock of Destiny National Conference. Every member and student is required to attend our National Conference. If they are not able to attend then they are required to donate for the upliftment of the nation.

What if I have no desire to join an organization, but desire to connect myself with the family of nations by just registering with the Moorish Vital Statistics Department?

You are entitled to register upon proof that you are in your proper legal status and are a citizen of the Moorish Nation with no allegiance to an organization. After we verified your position they you will be required to register with the Clock of Destiny Vital Statistics Bureau

What will deny me Moorish Nationality?

1. Criminal intent.

2. Conspiracy to overthrow the Federal, State or County government.

3. Disrespect for the Federal, State or County Laws.

4. Forgery, selling drugs, peace breaking, prostitution.

Does this have anything to do with the Moorish Science Temple of America?

No, we are producing results as one of the programs from Dr. C.M. Bey’s teachings on behalf of fallen humanity at large. Also we realized that many men and women would like to amend their name by adding Bey or El; therefore, we give them the option based on their free will and right of equality

Do I have to reclaim a Moorish descent line and obtain Moorish Nationality Card if I already have a Nationality?

No! You can be Turkish, German, Irish, Jewish, Latino and study Moorish Science under our College based on Clock of Destiny vol. 2 and the Moorish Constitution. Also if you already have a nationality we can link you to your Moorish descent line. All you would have to do is provide proof of nationality with corresponding documents and register with our Vital Statistics Bureau.

What are the Benefits of reclaiming my Moorish Nationality?

1. You will be recognized by the family of nations and will not be treated as Negro, black, colored or Jew, namely subjects of the state.

2. Those with a nationality better known as: Irish, Jewish, Latino, Turkish etc will be adopted into our nation and share in the equality of the once talked about prosperous nation that gave civilization to the nations over, and that is the Moorish Nation.

3. You will return to the constitutional fold of government under your own vine and fig tree.

4. You will learn how to protect your inherited birthrights against the ‘color of law’ for yourself and family against agents of the several states and the United States. Remember, “A person that doesn’t know their rights doesn’t have any.” Also “Ignorance of the law is no excuse” President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

5. You will learn at our National Conference and/or on the monthly conference calls the importance of economic security and ways to achieve it.

6. You will be a valuable asset in returning the Moorish Nation to economic power on behalf of self, family and every ethnic race that are bearers of Moorish blood.

7. You will have the option of improving your spiritual development based on our teachings of the Circle 7, and the lessons in the Clock of Destiny Moorish College without religion.

8. As Moorish Citizens we emphasize as advice, for all to achieve, Money, good homes, friendship and luxury in all walks of life. Remember, money gives you options.

9. You will learn to be part and partial, and part and parcel of the United States Government and/or the government where you domicile without claiming sovereign citizenship as some have done, while also benefiting thereof.

Do I have to give up my United States Passport, Driver’s License etc.?

Answer: There has been a big miss-understanding in the community at large. When you reclaim your Moorish Nationality you are reclaiming your Moorish Bloodline and linking you to the family of nations. You are not giving up your American Citizenship. We are Moorish Americans. Meaning Moroccan descendants, but born in America. Moors have Resolutions that were passed into the county law to support this fact. Dr. C.M.Bey made it very clear in the Preamble “Show your birth certificate and social security number.” Noble Drew Ali said “I have signed up away to go with this government and I must go that way.” Therefore, if the Federal Government of the U.S.A, Corporation provided you benefits it will not affect you in anyway. However, if you claim to be a sovereign citizen or Moorish sovereign citizen by subscribing to the tenets of wanting to be separate, then you will lose your benefits, because you will be required to revoke or rescind all your adhesion contracts, as defined by certain groups that adopted the sovereign ideology. Lastly, let it be known that when you reclaim your Moorish Nationality it does not make or link you to the contemporary Morocco overseas.

“In all other governments when a man is born and raised there and asked for his national descent named and if he fails to give it, he is misused, imprisoned or exiled. Any group of people that fail to answer up to the constitutional standards of law by name and principles, because to be a citizen of any government you must claim your national descent name.” – Prophet Noble Drew Ali.