Our Lodges

Beth- El Grand Lodge # 5 Moabite Lodge # 7
The Above Symbol belongs to the Independent United Order of Mechanics, Southern Hemisphere, Friendly Society Act.

Be it Known, that the Council of 3 and 5 has instituted a Grand Lodge founded by Moorish Americans here in the North Gate. A warrant and letter of authority was granted to our Premier to establish lodges and chapters here in North America by way of the South Gate- George Town Guyana. With that delegation of authority, we have decided to establish the first three lodges by name of 1. Moabite Lodge #7; 2. Morisco Lodge #8; and 3. Pending.

The premises of establishing said lodges under our jurisdiction is to teach the zodiac as recorded in the bible as taught by C.M. Bey “THE 1863 UNION BIBLE STORY “EVE” AND “ADAM” WERE FOUNDED UPON THE MOORISH ZODIAC TWELVE SIGNS LAW—THE NEGATIVE AND THE POSITIVE FORCES OF NATURE-FEMALE AND MALE. WOMAN AND MAN’S SECOND MARRIAGE AND THE ELEMENT OF THE ANGLES OF THE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC THE STANDARD UNIVERSAL LAW”. – Taken from the Moorish Zodiac Constitution.

Also we will be teaching Zodiac-Masonry as taught by C.M.Bey and the laws of the country and the essence of lawful demonstration and jurisdiction. These teaching will only be concentrated in the present Moabite Lodges and then the Morisco lodge.

What is the purpose of the lodges?
To uplift fallen humanity through its teachings and examples; to be servants of our future generation; and to foster a strong alliance among its members while establishing the universal Brother and Sisterhood among Mechanics around the world.

Who is qualified to become a member?
Any man or woman of lawful age of 18 based on the tenants of this order, sound mind and body, which understands when they unfold their God, unfolds. Willing to learn Moorish science based on the bible and law. Willing to establish a binding and true brotherhood and sisterhood with love instead of hate. To be willing to go into the Moorish Koran based on our Brother Jesus- the Nazarene. You MUST be also willing to be a servant to the youth. In addition, every member must have reasonable employment.

Why is it a private organization?
The Moorish Science Temple of America has their Private Adept Chamber.  You must be vouched for and if later accepted, initiated. The Clock of Destiny Temple was set up for members only so said C.M. Bey. We have to separate the faithful from the unfaithful. So it is the same with the Mechanic Order; you have to apply. There are much relative studies in the Mechanic Order as you elevate in degrees.  Especially the zodiac and the science of the soul as taught by C.M. Bey.

Are the Grand Lodge Officers Moors?
Yes, all of them. Also every member in Moabite Lodge # 7. However, we are about uplifting fallen humanity; therefore, we do not distinguish among beliefs or nationality. Our responsibility is to teach those ancient sciences and law while raising the spirit of its members into Godhood.

Where could I find out more about the Independent United Order of Mechanics?
You can enter the named in Google and find a few sites. This is not like masonry found in books online or in the street on tables. This is not a commercial organization. Just as you know little about what happens in the adept chamber and the Clock Temple, it is the same for the Mechanic Order. In addition to the books much information is passed down by word of mouth. Also you many masons wear emblems in several states in the U.S. it is not the same in England.

What must I do to establish a lodge or chapter in my jurisdiction( State or County)?
You will need 9 members. You will be first name an “Socialization.” During this time, you will work as a brotherhood to establish the furniture and regalia of the lodge or chapter. During this process, you will be required as a team to travel to New York for the weekend for Moabite Lodge for initiation. There are fees involved but nothing is a burden. The reason to New York is because that is where the Beth-El Grand Lodge # 5 is and Moabite Lodge#7.

What other benefits are there being a member of the Mechanic Order?
Besides the higher knowledge and the law of self governing, you will be linked with fellow Mechanics around the world. You will truly be that Moorish or Morisco traveler being industrious and received with honor and respect.  Being a Mechanic, you need only one degree to travel around the world. But to hold an office you need 6 degrees. In addition, for those Moors that are members of the Moorish College and Temple with the necessary studies and letter for us, you are able to visit the Clock of Destiny Temples in French and English Guyana.

What if I’m a Master Mason, are the requirements the same?
No, If you are a mason or a forester you need at this time to affirm as a Mechanic and then receive what is necessary in the Master Mechanic degree. However, you must provide proof that you are a Master Mason. All other degrees afterwards ( 5 more) you must go through.

How do I petition?
Download the petition here and send it to the address noted on the application. A Moorish Member will contact you.

We strive to continue the teachings in all walks of life by setting up what is necessary to reestablish our civilization. We thank everyone for supporting the stand that the Clock of Destiny College and Temple has taken. As you know much success we desired for all.

For more information, please contact: bethelgl@yahoo.com