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The Motto that all Moors Should Know as Taught by the Prophet and Charles Mosley Bey









1. What are ancient forefathers were we are that today, namely Moorish.
Many faithful Moors know that the modern Moors are nothing in comparison to their ancient forefathers. The forefathers built civilizations around the globe. We established the Taj Mahal, sewers and light systems in what is know today as England. We were influential in building Oxford University. We had great libraries and luxury castles in which Spain, England and France termed in schools, businesses and residential dwellings. The Premier been to the United Kingdom and can attest to this statement. We established irrigation systems, judicial courts, banking systems and paths towards trade to feed the world. We governed the seven seas and worked with many nations. We were highly noble in our demonstration in life where when Khemet had problems, they asked the Moors to protect their interest. How do you think some of the occult/ adept knowledge arrived? If you had the ancient teaching as taught in the Clock of Destiny Temple you would know the true story of Mu- Atlantis as revealed by C.M. Bey and how evolved we were as a community and civilization. But now you know; we were evolved and from Mu- Atlantic rose Khemet. Let’s not forget that we had great family values. You would call us today based on England’s method “Gentlemen” and “Ladies”. But anciently you would have said that we were a “Noble” family.

Some Modern Moors: Positive influence.
Some Moors have influence as investigators, in various areas of law enforcement/legal field, politics, medicine, education, martial arts, social work, acting, and other professionals. The majority are members of the Clock of Destiny and the Moorish Science Temple of America Inc. Some are members of the Moorish National or Civil Moorish Temples. This is great, but there is one concern, they are not seen in their community based on the program of Prophet Noble Drew Ali or Charles Mosley Bey. This will be explained later.

The Canaanite Temple started in Newark New Jersey in 1913. Later it moved to the Mecca for all Moors registered with the Moorish Science Temple of America.. Moorish Americans are not known in their community or around the globe as being industrious or being charitable based on our program. Yet. Delta Theta Zeta Inc. started in 1913 and look at their sisterhood (they all practice love and unity as pointed out on the M.S.T.of A., Nationality Card from the Temple. They are getting members everyday. And a great percentage of them are in different fields of study and they give assistance to each other in time of need. Please read the holy covenant of the Asiatic nation in the circle 7. The same apply to the other eight organizations, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and Omega phi Fraternity etc. These are mentioned because these organizations serve our youth in character building with an strong network as a social duties and unity defined in Circle 7. These organizations touch those teens as they join college and establish an alliance so when they get out they practice Moorish principles, even though they may not call it that. The prophet emphasizes on the youth. C.M. Bey mentioned encouraging our youth to attend college. Also there is the Boule, the Black Elite, the guardsmen out of Brooklyn and later Philadelphia (read also the book title Our Kind of People’). You will have a clear idea of where we are coming from. It was referred to the Premier by a Hebrew Moor, Shalama Yhsra El. Shalama said to the Premier, “Moor that was us, We were the elite.” We as Moors were rulers of the seven seas, the popes bowed respectfully to the Moorish rulers (the Premier has proof of this). We did not call ourselves Boule, Alpha men or AKA. Yes, we respect them all and always will, but we were called Nobles with a Noble birth. In addition, there is a book out of print titled, “Certain People”; if you Moors ever have a chance to read it, you will see so many parallels based on our teachings, it will change you over night. They did not call themselves black or colored; they were unified based on economics, and the knowledge being passed down. Moors were highly dignified and always spoke with the highest intelligence.

Lastly on the positive side, I shall reveal to you a book titled the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The plan regarding the positive notes was the original the plan of the Moors, not the Jews (the Premier said if you are a member of the Moorish College and achieved your 3rd level of studies faithfully or a member of the Clock of Destiny Moorish National Order of the Great Seal founded by C.M. Bey in 1947 and dues are up to date they he will disclose to you this well kept secret that the world would have thought you would have never known). The Chase, Rockefellers, Jacobites and Rothschild family used it for years. It is us that are not faithful to our own teachings.

Side note: Many people oppose the Jews. If you are one that opposes them, the Moorish science is not for you. Our Moorish Constitution comprises Jews, Scottish, and Irish etc. They can be adopted into the Moorish nation. In addition, Jews were under the dispensation of the Moors asked revealed by one of the Hebrew Moors and members of the Clock of Destiny . That’s why after they put the Jews out of Spain later they put the Moors out, other than those that were forced to pick up the cross and serve the pope. In one of our sessions, the Premier showed us a document where it was forbidden to allow the Moors in government positions. But now look, we have many opportunities but we prefer not to follow the principles as laid down by the Prophet Noble Drew Ali, C. M.Bey and the aid of our Premier to reinforce their teachings.

Other Moors:
These are those Moors that have no home. They are not members of the Clock of Destiny or the Moorish Science Temple of America or its several developments. They use a little of every ones teachings and call themselves Moors. But many of them are undocumented, meaning they are unconscious no name individual. They are trying to be yes and no, fee and bound at the same time. Knowing that you cannot be a Free Moor and Free Ward of the state. They use redemption packages and change the wording to look like it comes from he Moors, when in all reality it came way of those other than Moorish American. They profess that they are Moorish and they don’t have a social security number, driven license, passport, they don’t deal with credit (“oh I’m a sovereign” mentality). Yes, nothing. Many faithful Moors feel that they should start their own organization and call themselves Moors or Muurs, like those Dr. York faithful Members. The other day the premier stated what an adept from the MSTof A told him. “Mo when the Prophet represented the Moorish Americans in Havana Cuba at the League of Many nations, the Moors had Bey and Els; He did not represent the Negro (negroed). With that being said, they have no salvation under the Moorish National and Divine Movement. Therefore, those undocumented unconscious Asiatics will NEVER have representation or protection that was laid down by the prophet Noble Drew Ali. C.M. Bey Truth A-1, 222141 carries a lot of weight; but it’s like the adept chamber. Its true secrets remain among the brotherhood. We have to protect the Clock of Destiny Temple, College of the Great Seal and the Moorish Science temple of America from imposters. And you that by sticking with the rules of the by-laws of the organizations. C.M. Bey said that you had to complete a 12 weeks course, later pay dues or else you will not be permitted to sit in our classes. This applies to our temple. We have decided at September’s meeting 2010 to enforce this law. As you know we are establishing colleges throughout the state. Our Principles are provided in our studies. You are making great advances and many members through the United States and England are pleased. Our premier is highly moved by the success and positive changes in your life. As you know, the Clock of Destiny Temple is linked to the College and much bounding will be shared among each other.

Beware: The Moorish Movement has attracted criminal minded people. They only come to the movement because they have a problem and after that they are gone. They tell their friends and it gets worst. To the faithful, guard yourself against these dirty Moors. The prophet said “Don’t call them niggers but call them dirty moors”. Often times they don’t fall in the area of industrious. They have several summonses, criminal records or several violations. Yes, this never was case; it has intensified over his years.

There are some good Moors that perpetuate the sovereign concept. But often times they get in trouble with the law as well. Yes, the patriots have cloned themselves, even with some people with Beys and El.s. Some even prepare UCC Packages for people and after they get the money, they leave. We know because we receive many of their issues via email regarding this. So you must beware.

Legal Protection is accepted: We promote knowing your rights and protecting your rights, however, it’s all based on our Moorish Birthrights. The prophet said, Finish all old business in your old name and start all new business in your new name. If your rights are being infringed on by he colonial colorable officers of the Magna Charta, the code we will protect you. If you are being infringed on by the European Magna Charta etc in the Europe we will assist to protect you. But this is only if you finished all old business of a legal concern in your old name. We are now enforcing the law; if you have any problems when considering joining the Moorish Temple of the Great Seal, you will not even be considered. Yes, we will check to see if you have any pending issues, even a warrant. We must protect our families, our children and all the upstanding and faithful members of the Clock of Destiny founded in 1947. And desire that all Moorish Science Temples of America continue the same, especially all faithful Adepts.

2. Some of the Programs of the prophet Noble Drew Ali:
Noble Drew Ali A centennial Remembrance:

  • His followers began to establish a variety of business enterprises, including restaurants, grocery stores, furniture stores, real estate firms, etc. ( Go to the Clock of Destiny Preamble on our site and you will see the same program). Moors, it is nation time. Let’s get busy. The prophet said in his time, if the European is helping me why not you. We have taken law to the extreme, now let’s take economics to the extreme and establish a balance.
  • When the Elks held their 29th Convention at Unity Hall in 1928, the Moorish Cafeteria Service was commended for being on of the most beautiful examples of unity and service ever witnessed. Moors we need to conduct charity in our community. Our culture is tainted by the unfaithful. The faithful should consider adding value to their community.
  • This is fielding open to strong men and women to uplift the nation and take your place in the affairs of men. Moors or more and not less. We need Moors with their own businesses, employed in every department of government and the private and public fields. We need Moorish lawyers, teachers, writers, politicians like the Moor, Oscar Dupriest etc. Moors: get a trade, skill, or college degree, get something and help build your nation. If you can make the best sweet potato pie, well hey make the best Bey’s or El Pie or Moorish. Remember our teachings; we are active Moors not passive Moors.
  • Aid in the improvement of health and encourage ownership of better homes: Yes, we want better homes because Moors always had the best. Remember, the prophet said, Moors, look your best. How can you look your best but you have the worst home. Yes, simplified logic. We leave a room to an apartment, co-op, to condominium, then brownstone and afterwards a full house. Some Moors went right into a house. We know a dear Moorish Sister that lives in Bulkhead Atlanta Georgia. Come you Moors, do your best.
  • Noble Drew Ali urged Moorish Americans to “brighten the hopes of our youth and encourage the development of the young people’s Moorish League. Drew Ali conveyed his fondness for youth and concern for the development of human potential when he stated it takes sympathy, patience, interest and the trained eyes of men, well versed in the training and handling of young men to see the hidden beauty beneath the rough exterior.
  • Drew Ali further said: Better boys make better men and better men will make better husbands for our daughters.”
As the Prophet Would Say ‘Think This Over You Moors!

The premier asked to deliver this to all concerned so that we may set our nation straight. Dear faithful, there is room for all of us. Please assist in the upliftment of our people by being industrious. Even if you set up a Moorish Mentor program for our young men or/ and women, meaning boys and girls.