Moorish Government



1.We, the members of this Moorish Constitution Government of the Great Seal, must promote organized effort in the category of all legal business enterprises such as: Chain stores of necessary human consumption; housing and building programs; agriculture; printing; literature; Advanced education in the Moorish Science of the Zodiac involving human character, sociology, economics, commerce, the science of good government, etc.

The Uniting of Asia

Our system of Government shall as its task, by establishing a common market, an economic and monetary union of security by implementing the common policies or activities of commercial and economics to promote throughout the Moorish community at home and abroad, a harmonious , balanced and sustainable development of economic activities , a high level of employment and of social protection, equality between Asiatic men, women and children, sustainable and non-inflationary growth, a high degree of competitiveness and convergence of economic performance, a high level of international protection and improvement of the quality of the environment, the raising of the standard of living and quality of life, and economic and social cohesion and solidarity among Member States where Moorish Descendants domicile or reside.


Our educational program(s) shall raise all Moorish children to become productive citizens in the Moorish community, establishing noble qualities of our ancient forefathers, go to the best universities to qualify leadership skills while mastering the implementation of economic and social and political government while being part and parcel of this said United States Government (Federal Government of the United States).

Health DepartmentEconomic DepartmentCommunications DepartmentLaw DepartmentEducation DepartmentLand Department
Transportation DepartmentMufti Department (Defense)Reclamation & Vital Statistics DepartmentMoorish Consulate/Diplomatic Arm to the Moorish Government.Moorish Religious and Cultural Affairs DepartmentOscar Dupriest Department

Health Department:

  • This department will issue the Prophet Noble Drew Ali‘s products for the well being of all Moorish Americans and the Asiatic community in general for their better health and well being.
  • We will provide immunization exemptions to all Moors (Bey, Els, Ali etc) that provide proof that they added the Moorish title as a surname. We cannot provide this service to no other Moors due to subject and question of jurisdiction.
  • We have and will be issuing Moorish birth certificates to all new born Beys or Els existing by mid-Wife only. This department will work hand in hand with the Vital Statistic Department.
  • This department will conduct specified research for all remedies that may affect Moorish- Americans.
  • Other functions will be discussed at our special meeting.

To all Moorish Americans at home and abroad. We bring you three of the best qualities of health products from the Prophet Noble Drew Ali. These Moorish products were in existence since he was in the flesh. He went through hell to secure them and the Moors that have them even encounter greater hell after the Prophet Noble Drew Ali left the flesh. These products are in the hands of particular Moorish Temples. If you are members of the Moorish and Divine National Movement you may be aware and have used these products.

Well now, our Moorish system of Government is opening up the Moorish Health Department for the people of the world. Many folks say that the Moors are not being industrious; well now you have something to talk about, to shout about, and that the Moorish System of Government is working on behalf of uplifting fallen humanity.

What benefit is it to have good homes, friendship, money and luxury in all walks of life if your health is failing you. Good health maintains your constitution. When you are in good health you feel better, think clearer and have more energy to muti-task different things that need to get done.

A way to health: Swine is forbidden in the Moorish Nation of ISLAM. The Bible- The book of Divine Law also supports this same position among the denomination of the Roman churches here in North America and abroad. Nonetheless, back to those that seek better health to live a healthier and longer life. Swine was made from the Cat (cat Whiskers), Rat (Tail) and Dog (Ears). Ham is the ass of the Pig. The pig was made for medical purposes besides cleaning out the caves in the Caucasus (Caucasian) mountains of Eu-Rope (many years ago before the countries were renamed by the Roman conquerors and their descendants). The Pig is used even to day to drain fevers from children by rubbing the bacon on the bottom of a child’s feet. The person is told to leave the swine alone after realizing that it contains a high level of salt etc causing high blood pressure. Chicken is next in line, but it has two stomachs; however, it is a scavenger just like the catfish and the fish surfing at the button of the ocean.

Beef is hard on the system and it takes longer to digest. We can often work with this flesh but we must consider that beef is now being grafted for economic purposes with pork. Also Red meats is known even today in 2012 to also be the cause of colon cancer.

In summary what is it going to take for you to prioritize your health first and finance second. Well some may say, ‘why not both at the same time’. Great! Why not, just work on your self.

There are other factors of health to be concerned with, meaning alcohol beverages, caffeine, cigarettes, fried foods, additives, Red dye 40, animal shortening etc. Remember, women live longer than men. One reason is because they master stress situations. Yes, stress and to much of it is not good for your health.  I will save this for a later book.

Many Moorish- Americans are vegetarians and vegans. Your life sustainability will be based on what you put in your body. You have choices; therefore, reflect and ponder well. With this brief education, again we bring you the Moorish Health Products. We ask that you try them and feel and see the results. We are rebuilding the Moorish Nation and in order to feel, think and perform our best, we understand that health is priority.

Let us prolong lives by taking care of our bodies, minds and spirits (Divine energy).  Also by supporting the Moorish Health Products, you assist us in our goals and objectives as a system of Government. It takes finance and Moorish National education to uplift and nation.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Body Builder and Blood Purifier.

For men, women and children. Beneficial for Rheumatism, lung Trouble, Run Down Constitution. Indigestion and loss of manhood.

(I must say that the Moorish tea is good for food poising as well. I had it and it worked without going to the doctor. Also it is excellent as a laxative without crippling the stomach).

Beneficial for Rheumatism, neuralgis, headache, toothache, indigestion, sore and tired fee and stiff joints.

(It is excellent for toothache and joint problems in the knee. Applied in the areas it satisfies the concerns).

Beneficial for Dandruff, Rheumatism, Stiff joints, Also skin troubles and female Douche

(The Moorish Compound I bathed in it to relax. I must say that it softens the water as mentioned on the container).

When you read more about the products in the Moorish guide and possibly online, you will see that many Moorish- Americans have used it and have provided great testimony of its benefits.

We thank everyone for supporting the Moorish Nation to this very level we are developing it from. As we mentioned in several documents that we are going to show you more than tell you. We understand clearly that the people would like to see results before they support a cause because money was given by many to ISLAMIC groups but the people have not witnessed a return. Well this Moorish Nation was the first ISLAMIC organization since 1913. We served the community then and we are here to serve humanity now. Many Faithful Moors have joined this program to make sure that it is successful. We are applying our professional experience and education with the teachings of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali and C.M. Bey with the Present Clock of Destiny College of the Great Seal studies. With this uniting principle, science and Culture, G.O.D. will place our nation on top of the world

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Economic Department

  • Devise an economic Plan for all departments and Government as a whole to stabilize the program.
  • Prepare a budget for departments
  • Review all fund raising, activities etc.
  • The responsibilities of this department have already been delivered to the Minister of Economics. This Moor has a BA in Economics.

Communications Department

  • Establish a printing press for the Government and Nation.
  • Apply your publishing company for all public and private books etc.
  • Attend to study for the advancement of the department on behalf of the nation to cope with the times; i.e. computer technology, cyber space and the digital age.
  • This department already has a minister of communication. Duties and responsibilities are already provided. This Moor already has a MBA in Business, Marketing/Communication.

Law Department

  • Govern all legal affair of every department.
  • Secure the birthrights of its Moorish citizens when in conflict in states of the union by working in unison with the department of concern.
  • This department will have a division task force for: Tax and transportation concerns.
  • Minister of Law is vacant. The minister of law must have law degree or have completed legal studies in the American system of law. Meaning no redemption/UCC/patriot/sovereignty individuals.

Education Department

  • This department is responsible for academies, private Schools and university programs.
  • Community education on the Moorish Nation.
  • Interface with State education department in relation to the education of the Moorish children already in public schools
  • This department is more detailed in the description outline.

Land Department

  • Responsibility is to purchase and retrieve land and other real property via positive law and finance.
  • Attend to irrigation, soil ownership to grow our own food products etc.
  • To study and trust and contact the necessary departments for aid while interfacing with the corporate government to grant the same.

Transportation Department

  • You will be responsible for establishing our own Transportation service: Public transportation, Air planes. I know one Moor that owns her own limousine service (a Moorish Sister). I will speak with her. If anyone knows anyone else that may have knowledge in this area, please let us know.

Mufti Department (Defense)

  • All staff will be interviewed by the premier, a member (Moorish American- Members of the Clock of Destiny Temple) of ICE and Lieutenant in the NYC department before consideration.
  • This department is very sensitive. Therefore, the head and assistant MUST have had experience in the United States military or/and a leadership position in the police force with good merit, or Secret service or FBI training etc.
  • I will only recommend certain Moors for private training under an active retiree secret service agent for the benefit of myself in the name of our Government, department heads and special appointments.
  • The purpose is to establish special security for our projected plans.
  • Also we are to be ready at all times if this terrain (North America) is under threat by domestic or foreign opposition.
  • Any member or citizen that oppose the United States Government as Many said folks in the name of Moorish are presently doing as opposed to the Moorish teachings of the prophet Noble Drew Ali and C.M. Bey are not permitted to attend to this department.
  • Every Mufti MUST learn and know the Moorish Constitution by C.M. Bey and the United States Constitution.
  • There are other detailed responsibilities mentioned in the outline and by oral tradition.

Reclamation & Vital Statistics Department

    • Register all Moorish American citizens on proof of Bey or El etc in order to protect their birth rights.
    • Reclamation division is responsible for issuing Moorish Nationality Cards and Identification cards that are none- party related. ( We are a body politic and note an local organization)
    • Please take notice, based on our resolution out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we are Moroccan descendants born in America. That makes us Moorish Americans. We do not claim foreign status. We claim Moorish bloodline.
    • Our system of information is for Moorish Americans and we do not subscribe to sovereign citizens or Moorish sovereign citizens in lieu of a redemption or patriot studies or practices.

Click here for more info about this department.

Moorish Consulate/Diplomatic Arm to the Moorish Government.

  • This Moorish American MUST have studied law, international relations, and economics and MUST have a MBA. Diplomacy is essential. Without experience in this area or a relative college degree you will not be considered.
  • A person with an Import licenses is important for this arm of government. If you have a valid import license we can use you in the division of import and Export.
  • This is a Special committee- Moorish Youth defense League
  • You will be responsible securing all rights and protections of all Moorish and other Asiatic children at large.
  • Provide programs for their advancement and self awareness in the several states.
  • Work with other youth programs in order to continue the safety of our Asiatic youth.
  • This department is already headed by a Minister. The Moor is already doing the work and has a legal education and a MBA.

Moorish Religious and Cultural Affairs Department

  • Act as a liaison between the Moorish Government and the Several Grand Bodies of the Moorish and National Divine Movement on the five principle of ISLAM
  • Be a liaison between our ISLAMIC Government and the ISLAMIC governments of the world minus the ones in opposition to the United States of America.
  • To protect the religious rights of all Moslems that bear the Moorish titles in the name of the Moorish nation in relation to the opposition of Rome.
  • To be in readiness to interface with the Muslim factions that worship the Prophet Muhammad in North America.

Oscar Dupriest Department

This is a specialized department.

  • You will be responsible with investigating all national candidacy for president and vice president of the United States of North America and promoting your finding via our department of Communication
  • Establish a national voting drive in advance so that all Asiatics et al, will be prepared to cast a national ballot. Remember, the Prophet Noble Drew Ali said that Moors are to cast a Free National Ballot.
  • Interface with the proper state, and county representative to ensure the financial funds are coming into our community to improve and maintain the quality of life.
  • The Moor that is responsible for this position MUST learn the Prophet Noble Drew Ali relationship and effect in political relations to the state and the United States. Also the Moor must already be in involved with politics and has the ability to cast a national Ballot.
  • A college degree is not required for this position. There are many successful politicians without college degrees but you must show a track record of community relations. – If you are members of the Divine Nine and have been active in your fraternity or chapter, this is a plus. You served in the lions club etc in community affairs then it can help.

How is the Government going to be funded?

    • Products and Services
    • Foreign donations
    • Free grants and Scholarships.
    • Business extension enterprises.



The above departments are looking for Moorish Members or those in the process of reclamation with College degrees and/or life experience (BA upward). Professional certifications are also acceptable for certain divisions of our above program.

The Prophet Noble Drew Ali Said “if you had European education he can use you”. Well this is what we are looking for.

C.M.Bey Said ‘study your own science and stop being a beggar nation’.

Noble Drew Ali Brought you Nationality and the Faith of Mohammed in North America.

C.B. Bey brought you Constitutional Law.

Now I bring you Constitutional Government.

If and when many of you attend to this structure of government we would have solved our economic, social and political situation as a nation. I come to realize that science and culture will set our house in order. But we must attract the best qualified for the job. Our women and children badly need our help and by us uniting as professionals and in soul consciousness with the adept knowledge of the Godhood we are able to complete our five (5) year program.

We cannot practice separation, egotism, lack of scientific principles of life advancement as others are doing in the name of Moorish. While they continue to divide, we will be building our nation for the benefit of our women and children future with the assistance of true and faithful Moorish men with vision and self mastership.

If you are interested in uplifting fallen humanity by way of an organized governmental system you must first:

  • Consider your requirements
  • Email which department you have interest in and what qualifies you for the position.
  • Register for our first and launching Convocation on August 17-19. You will receive notification to access. Members only.


  • Yes, all members in the Moorish College should be there to meet each other for the first time and also hear the steps being planned for our success. Also to learn other values in our Great Work based on our 49 lessons.
  • The only members that are invited are those Moors that are members of the Moorish College and whom the Premier approves as recommended by another member. This is to avoid confusion.

Some members asked how they can be of service financially at this time:

  • Attend the convocation– Your progressive and business minds are essential to perfect this program.
  • Continue to purchase books and refer others to our work and 49 lesson program because in order for the Premier to advance the programs he must be at liberty to do the job
  • We are going to promote the Prophets products (we need $300 for the oils, Moorish tea and compound). C.M.Bey Cosmos Symbol to be worn on the lapel to be made and reproduced is $200).
  • The donate button is always available for $5, $10 for all those members and non members supporters etc.
  • Establish a weekend lecture to have the Premier come to lecture on :
  • The proof that Blacks are the property of the State by way of Amendment 14. Also the solution. In addition, the Second day on economics, Moorish government and Science.

This concludes our basic system of government and we look forward to working with all members on this five year plan.