1. What is meant by the Clock of Destiny?
2. What is meant by Zodiac-Masonry?
3. In what year did the Clock of Destiny come into existence and by whom?
4. What is the objective of the Clock of Destiny?
5. I understand that the terms ‘Black’ and ‘White’ is not used by the oors, can you explain?
6. Who were the original Americans?
7. What about the White People.
8. Is it connected with any of the Present Masonic organizations on the Globe?”
9. Then why do its members wear Red and Black Fezzes.
10. Does the Clock of Destiny have a degree system like the Modern day Masons of the Scottish and York Rite society?
11. Has there ever been a time When the Clock of Destiny was termed a Masonic Jurisdiction?
12. Are women permitted to join the Clock of Destiny?
13. Can a woman become a Moorish Master Mason?
14. How is the word Mason defined?
15. Does the order subscribe to any type of religion?
16. I heard that some members in North America study law; is that part of the system of the Clock of Destiny?
17. What are some of the written laws that all members of the Clock of Destiny must acknowledge?
18. If I am affiliated with another society, example the Modern day Masonic fraternity am I required to divulge secrets from my present or previous organization?
19. What will become of the other fraternal orders if members have membership in the Clock of Destiny?
20. What is the relationship between the Moorish Science Temple of America and the Clock of Destiny Moorish International Order of the Great Seal of 360 degrees?
21. Where did C.M. Bey receive his knowledge from?
22. Where did the present President obtain his knowledge from?
23. How can I help?

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