Credit Repair Package

Negative Debt is a form of Slavery!!!!

Here is the proof: If you are turned down to control, own property, travel, or rent because you have poor credit, or no credit, than that’s SLAVERY!

Can you stop a debt collector from contacting you?

Yes, you or your appointed advocate may stop a debt collector from contacting you by writing a letter to the collection agency telling them to stop. Once the agency receives your letter, they may not contact you again except to say there will be no further contact or to notify you that some specific action will be taken, if the debt collector or the creditor intends to take such action.

What types of debt collection practices are prohibited?
1. Harassment, False, Statements and Unfair Practices.

This Credit Repair Package consists of 21 legal forms to address your credit issue. The forms are available to negotiate on your terms a certain amount with the Creditor/Credit bureau up to challenging every item to be deleted. After you apply the necessary legal forms your credit score can only go up and not down. Everything is based on time, patients, proper legal documents submitted with supporting law (the necessary law is located on the forms), and if necessary negotiations on your part. All the forms that you will ever need are in this package. Included are wage garnishment laws for every state and the statue of limitations. – What you think is not included we will provide it, however, I assure you, and that you will be amazed at how many issues that your credit report raises. Every possible angle is addressed.

  • Every American Citizen MUST have excellent credit, especially when the market returns to an economic advantage
  • Buying power will continue to remain a consideration bases on your credit score. We don’t mean buying sneakers and fancy clothing
  • We are speaking about land and housing. – ASSETS and not LIABILITIES
  • At this time the work field in certain sectors requires that you have good credit. Also there are some rental and co-ops etc you will not be able to purchase unless you have good credit
  • Anytime you apply for a credit card, house loan, rap around loan (refinancing) or student loan, companies will ask you for your social security number. The reason is because they are checking your credit worthiness

To all Moors and American Citizens our premier plead to your better judgment to think out of the box and consider your future. C.M. Bey said that we have to teach our children to cope with the time. Now in the voice of the premier, we must learn to cope with the time before attempting to teach our young ones.

Please do not wait, now is the time to act and NOT at the end of the economic return.

*The fee for the credit repair package is only $ 95. Do you rather remain in a $1000- $10, 000 debt. Or repair your credit and have leverage of buying power.

*You could pay $500 or more and have legal services address it for your, or have an outside predator claim to eliminate your debt, or invest $95 in your own ability to do it yourself.

  • Inside the Credit Repair Package will be contact information to contact legal services for a free initial consultation. With that consultation you are allowed to ask any question pertaining to your demonstration or forms. Yes, you will not be provided the package and left alone. We are the faithful Moors that seek to address concerns that will ONLY improve the conditions of the Beys, Els, Deys, Ali’s , Al, and all American citizens on the globe

Credit Repair Package:

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