C.O.D. Events

Clock of Destiny College Events and Objective

Annual Dinner – College members and Members of the Order- February (All members of the College that are in the Order are invited. College members must have their membership card. Clock Members must also have their temple card and in good standing.  All members invited are welcome to invite their spouse).

Moorish New Year Celebration – New York- March ( Every College will attend to their own celebration unless visiting other colleges)

Annual National Moorish Conclave – All Members of the college that arrived to the 13th lesson. Philadelphia, PA – June. ( All members will meet once a year in different locations for their annual Conclave)

Moorish College Initiation Rites – August ( Only by notification in writing from the council of three will you be invited)

Moorish Great Seal Government – September ( Only members of the Clock of Destiny College and Order is invited to attend. Some members will be back benchers)


1. We emphasize Brotherhood and Sisterhood before Community – Every member must know the Holy Covenant of the Asiatic Nation by memory.

2. We strive to assist members in studying their higher and lower self via the 49 lessons.

3. One of our major goals is to raise the Morality and Nobility of all members of the Clock of Destiny Moorish College and members of the Order.

4. We strive to assist all faithful members in solving their economic and social problems by teaching them applied information. Also by example. We accept that members need to be for exemplars than talk without examples.

5. We will teach members the proper way to return to the constitutional fold by way of the Moorish Great Seal Zodiac Constitution.

6. We emphasize protecting the interest of the members, family and children from abusive law under the color of law, office and rank (sovereignty, and redemption practices are not our acceptance).

7. Sovereignty to us is defined to mean representing Moorish departments by via Governmental Principles of Moorish science.

8. Community: Our focus is our youth. Therefore, members will receive an update regarding our objective before December 2011.

9. Our goal is to assist members in reclaiming their Moorish Nationality, culture and science at the same time.

The Key in achieving this goal is Unity and Proper Delegation of Authority