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Esoteric and Practical Astrology Based On the Light of Ancient Kemet

Now that you have arrived to the foundational Keys of your studies allow the membership to be clear regarding their guiding light to better assist them in understanding what the Clock of Destiny is.

The Clock of Destiny is actually the 12 signs of the Zodiac termed the Great Seal. In ancient history the zodiac pertains to the woman under the name of Zudiacus. Many older moors are aware of this and now you are. She is also termed the Great Seal with 72 stones on the pyramid denoting life and birth of all existence. She is in essence the keystone that the bible mentioned that was rejected and later learned that she was essential in the building of the Temple made with hands even though modern craftsmanship relates to her as the master builder not made with hands but internal in the heavens (the mind).

Therefore, all Moorish women are recommended to master Clock of Destiny books vol. 1, 2 and circle of life along with your master key of civilization. With these well kept secrets you will be able to set your house in perfected order and assist this organization in raising the unconscious just as Isis raised the body- (soul) of Osiris. – Israel- Isis-Ra- And El.

All male sons should study the 12 signs and especially the members of the Clock of Destiny Order and College. Every member should request their Birth Chart from the Clock of Destiny in order to better service fallen humanity and themselves. Remember, our focus is the women and children.

When you study this highest law you will find that hatred and separation has no room in the zodiac because it is the mental doctor itself. These dynamic laws are a reflection of your very being in which you will come to realize. By the 12 signs of the zodiac we will be in a position to solve our economic, social and political problem by the plumeline, square and compasses in order to chart our course hereon.

Many of you are Moorish Mystics of the Clock of Destiny College of the Great Seal. With this in mind it relates to the 7 angels that govern the 7 major planets. As you advance in your studies you will enter the 3rd and 7th heaven. You will learn that the signs and the planets govern the spheres of our cosmos and that our DNA is connected with universal law termed Divine Law.

Obtain your Birth chart and see your own image. Study your natal chart with Clock of Destiny with the books mentioned and know your Clock of Destiny.

Moor Light

To the Moorish Mystic/Masters, astrologist is a phase of law, basically a spiritual science. More than any other study it reveals man to himself and the resolution to all problems on the earth plane. No other science is so sublime, so profound, and so all- embracing. It portrays the relation between God, the macrocosm, and man, the microcosm all in one.

This as Adept Science, investigating the subtler forces that impinge upon man, the Spirit, and his Divine Flesh as he has charted their effects with no less definiteness than has academic science the reactions of sea and soil, plant and animal to the solar and lunar rays as the ancient Moorish Alchemist term- turning based metal to the finest gold.

With this Supreme Law Moors may determine the astrological pattern of each individual, natural or artificial and know the relative strength and weakness of the various forces operating in each of them. To the degree that we are in possession of such knowledge we can begin systematic, scientific character building–and character is destiny guided by Divine Spirit! We note times and seasons cosmically advantageous to unfolding undeveloped qualities, correcting faulty DNA’s, and eliminating destructive propensities.

The Supreme science of astrology reveals the hidden causes at work in our lives. It counsels the adults and children in regard to vocation, the parent in the guidance of children, the teacher in management of pupils, the physician in diagnosing diseases, thus lending aid to each and all in whatever position they may find themselves.

No other subject within the range of human knowledge appears to hold for this day and age the possibilities open to Moorish astrologers for helping people to their own dignity as Gods -in-the-making, to a greater grasp of universal law, and to a realization that we are eternally secure within the caressing fold of Infinite and Boundless Being.


The 1st House governs the body, personal appearance, physical well-being, and accidents happening to the person.

The 2nd House governs the personal property, money in hand, personal effects.

The 3rd House rules the personal relations, the tie of consanguinity, brothers and sisters; also means of communication, whether by vehicle, letter post, telegraph or other means whatsoever It denotes cables, bridges, telegraph wires, viaducts and other means of connection; writings, letters.

The 4th House governs the end of the physical life, the grave; material products, mines, farming produce ;land, houses, freeholds, leases, tenancies and hence landlords.

The 5th House is the extension of the 1st and governs the psychic nature; progeny; passions, pleasures, love affairs; hence theatres, places of amusement, sport, etc.; the younger generation and such things and persons as tend to their wellbeing.

The 6th House Is an extension of the 2nd; it governs the food, clothing, servants, personal comforts, relative possessions generally; also the work or profession in which the subject engages; whatever contributes to the well-being of the subject’s possessions.

The 7th House is an extension of the 3rd; it governs the tie of conjugality, the marriage partner; persons in contract; rivals (as opposing the 1st House).

The 8th House is an extension of the 4th; it governs the dissolution of the vital forces; death, matters relating to the dead; wills, legacies, etc., and (being the 2nd from the 7th) dowry or personality of the marriage partner.

The 9th House is an extension of the 5th; it governs the spiritual nature; “the far-off land,” whether it be that across the ocean or beyond the veil, teleological subjects, theology, philosophy; publications; the law, lawyers; insurances; dreams, visions and other-world experiences.

The 10th House is an extension of the 6th; it denotes the ambitions, success, attainments of the subject; honor, credit, public esteem; the father or mother. (The 10th is always of the same sex as the 1st, and in A female horoscope denotes the mother.)

The 11th House is an extension of the 7th, and denotes the tie of friendship; congeners; associates; syndicates, companies, leagues, clubs, associations of which the subject is a member; his confederates and supporters.

The 12th House is an extension of the 8th, and denotes privation, confinement, restraint; the hospital, prison or other place of detention; sequestration, exile; ambushes, plots, secret enemies; the occult. It will be seen that many other interpretations apply to the House by reflection. Thus the 1st being the subject of the horoscope and the 7th his wife; the 3rd his relatives and the 9th his wife’s relatives, the latter house comes to mean brothers- and sisters in-law, i. e. marriage relatives.

The 10th being the father and the 4th the mother (in a male horoscope), the 7th is the maternal grandfather and the 1st the maternal grandmother.

The 6th being the uncles or aunts on the mother’s side (i. e. maternal aunts or uncles), the relatives of the mother, the 5th (progeny) from the 6th (i. e. the 10th House) will denote maternal cousins. Similarly with all those relations which “a man may not marry,” as expounded in the Book of Common Prayer.

We have now before us the whole of the alphabet of astrology, and May now proceed to frame a horoscope and read it by the language of the heavens. It is important that the whole of the planetary natures should be learned, together with those of the signs and the significations of the Houses, before the next step is taken. When the alphabet has become a language, that language may be interpreted. Until then we are faced only by dead symbols.

The specific characteristics of the planets and luminaries are as follows:

Neptune: subtlety, planning and scheming. A tortuous mind, but suave manner. Clever at plot and counterplot. A diplomat. Disposed to the drug, nicotine or other insidious habit. Fond of mysterious and detective work. Frequently touched with a mania for something. A possible genius.

Uranus: inventive faculty, originality, waywardness, independence of spirit, abruptness.

Saturn: secretiveness, caution, reserve, self-control, temperance, soberness; philosophical, thoughtful, brooding, melancholic, faithful. A good staunch friend and an unrelenting enemy.

Jupiter: generous, just, sympathetic; possessing a knowledge of human nature; joviality, a good judgment, fruitful intellect; confidence; sometimes too optimistic and even bombastic.

Mars: courageous, daring, energetic; fond of exploits; enterprising; frank, outspoken, petulant, zealous, and fond of freedom.

The Sun: proud, dignified; possessed of self-confidence, generosity and magnanimity; disposed to the grandiose and magnificent; sometimes vain and haughty, yet free from meanness, and loving fair play and transparency; generally honest and opposed to all cliques and cabals.

Venus: gentle, kind, docile and persuasive; loving music and the fine arts, bright and joyous scenes, jewels and flowers; fond of pleasure, and frequently self-indulgent.

Mercury: active, business-like and capable in affairs; of voluble speech; attentive to details; punctilious and easily irritated; loving knowledge for its own sake; accessible and communicative.

The Moon: changeful, vacillating; versatile; imaginative; romantic; loving travel and change of scene; sensitive and whimsical.

Judgment as to character is first made by the grouping of the signs in order to get the type to which the subject belongs, and then by the aspects of the Moon and Mercury to determine the specific traits o characteristics. Planets in the 1st, 9th and 3rd Houses have a very marked influence on the expression of character .It is here to be observed that the same indication and its corresponding trait of character will work out differently in persons of the various types. Thus conjunction in a purely emotional type is liable to produce dangerous and destructive passions, which in an intellectual type would find expression in critical diatribe and free-thought; while in the spiritual type it would beget a zealot; and in the material type a violent and unscrupulous firebrand, a maniac.

There is one axiom which cannot be too strongly emphasized, and the student or member will do well to keep it always before him: The planets act upon us only in terms of ourselves.

Mental derangement is shown by the affliction of, or, in, or. Acute mania is shown by conjunction or to and epilepsy by afflicted by . But in such case there will be no Remedial aspect from the benefic planets and none between them, and the ascending degree


THE luminaries being in mutual good aspects, and the otherwise well supported in the horoscope by benefic aspects, shows a successful career. If the planets are chiefly under the horizon or “below the earth,” as it is otherwise called, then success comes after marriage, or late in life, as the case may be. But if above the horizon, then success is speedily achieved. Evil planets in the 4th House near the lower meridian show a poor termination to the career, even after a life of much success. Saturn in theMid-heaven will bring a person to a good position and afterwards denude him of all benefits.

Impediments come from those sources indicated by the Houses occupied by the malefic planets or those badly aspecting the, as if in the 7th by marriage or contracts; in the 8th by legacies; in the 4th by mining, farming and real estate; and so of the rest. To be exceptionally fortunate the planet should be in good aspect to one of the luminaries and angular, especially in the 1st or 10th.

A benefic planet in the 4th House, not afflicted by adverse aspect, shows a successful finish to the career. The periods of good and ill fortune are to be specifically known only by reference to the “Directional arcs” (see “Measure of Time “).

Jupiter in good aspect to Uranus shows legacies and windfalls, while the same in good aspect to Saturn gives promise of an inheritance. Planets in the 2nd House are especially to be regarded in this matter, as that House has reference to the personal possessions and generally to the financial status of the subject.

The luminaries therein, or one of them, well aspected by etc., will give financial competence; as also or therein, free from affliction by adverse aspects. The malefic therein, or the luminaries badly aspected, show poverty and a continual struggle for a competence.

Here again there is the personal equation involved, and all judgment is to be regulated by reference to the sphere of life into which the subject is born, his responsibilities, etc. The poverty of one man might well constitute the wealth of another in a humbler sphere of life. The planets act upon us in terms of ourselves and in proportion to the measure of our individual powers.

Note. – In a female horoscope the will replace the, but in other respects the rules here given will apply.


THIS is to be judged from the 6th House and the planets therein, together with the sign on its cusp.

The signs have affinity with those things ruled by the Houses to which they correspond, as to the 3rdHouse, to the 5th, etc.

The planets have their own significations:-

Saturn has relation to minerals and heavy bodies, lead, etc.

Jupiter to legal affairs, ecclesiastical matters.

Mars to fire and iron, fighting, the military profession.

The Sun to gold; civic dignitaries, the Crown and its officers, ambassadors, etc.

Venus to art, music and matters of adornment.

Mercury to literature, mercantile pursuits and affairs of traffic.

The Moon to public employment, catering, retail business, etc.

Uranus to electrical and scientific pursuits, and also to affairs of propaganda; the civil service and positions of civic authority.

Neptune to psychological and mysterious pursuits, also travelling and seafaring. These are, of course, but loose and general significations.

The position of the majority of the planets will indicate whether the life-work should be along spiritual, mental, social or mercantile lines, and the sign on the 6th House, the position of its ruler and the nature of any planet in the 6th House, will guide to a specific occupation.

Fixed signs show inventors and producers, manufacturers.

Flexed signs purveyors and factors, importers, travelers.

Cardinal signs retailers, dispensers, organizers and directors, managers and those in prominent positions. Some illustrations of known cases may serve to illustrate the manner of interpretation:-

1. In the 6th House – a dairy company manager.

2. In on 6th House – an accountant in a large tea importer’s.

3. On 6th and in – a writer on occult philosophy.

4. In the 6th – an estate agent.

5. In the 6th, with in – a stockbroker.

6. On the 6th and in – a company promoter.

7. On 6th and in – an exploration promoter.

8. On the 6th, with in – a coal merchant.

9. In the 6th – an artist.

Judgment on the choice of occupation must of necessity be guided by a number of considerations, questions of aptitude, education, training, sex, etc., being all largely involved.

Taking all the planets in all the signs we have but 108 possible significations, while there is obviously y more than that number of distinct occupations. It must therefore suffice if the Moorish astrologer can give some hint of the line along which the occupation may be found.

Thus fiery signs may denote spiritual things equally with those in which the element is the chief agent .Airy signs all mental occupations from the clerk to the professor of philosophy, as well as all those trades and occupations in which the pneumatic or air force is employed, even the lately developed pursuit of aviation and aeronautics generally.

Watery signs may denote the social or emotional side of business, and all trades in which the watery element is chiefly employed, as in navigation, laundry work, the manufacture and sale of beverages, painting, etc. Earthy signs may denote the manual and practical occupations, equally with those in which the products of the earth, mining, agriculture, estate development and similar occupations are concerned


“There are two planets that govern wo-man and sons and they are the moon and sun. the moon (wo-man) and the sun (man). We have been taught that the earth is the moon, (negative, a circle zero or nothing). The negative earth or moon gives birth to the positive male-sons. Another term scientist’s use the moon and sun is electron and proton; moon (electron) and sun (proton), or negative and positive. Now if the wo-man has a womb and she is the earth manifested, then the earth has its womb also.

So when a farmer plants his positive seed (corn) into the negative earth womb, the earth reproduces corn. The earth geminates seeds planted in the earth and a wo-man germinates the seeds planted into her womb, for wo-man is the moon or earth manifested. The moon as it is called today, orbits the earth every 30 days. Thus making the months of the year and governing the ovulation of wo-man. Thus, the moon is the time marker of the universe and the planet number (9).

Zero symbolizes the universal mind of wo-man who represents the whole of creation, space and time.

Again I say, “Wo-man Know Thy Self” “

    Your Birth Chart.
    Every member of the Clock of Destiny Temple and Clock of Destiny College should have a copy of their birth chart in order to chart their life destiny. On the reverse page of the introduction C.M. Bey Clock of Destiny Book Vol.2 he said “I the writer was born under the 12th sign Pisces on March 6, 1897. The era of the victory age. Writing this little book was my birth assignment in this life which I could not evade”.

    You will find in several pages in both volumes he mentioned that he is on his assignment (duty) and you should get on your duty. This is the well kept secret from the world by the Pope, Preacher and Rabi. But thinks to Charles Mosley Bey you now have access to it.

    Once you order your chart you will know by reading it that it is a very private book about your past, present and future. Therefore you are advised to keep in sacred and to only allow those that you trust dearly to look at it. By doing you the person will know all about you.

    Moorish books on Astrology:

    Clock of Destiny vol. 1 and 2.

    Your Birth-Chart

    Circle of Life.

    Your Master Key to Civilization